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How To Teach Kids To Cook

How To Teach Kids To Cook

Many of us have memories of cooking with mom (or dad) when we were young. Odds are if you have this memory, it was a great time for you. Cooking is a fun and essential skill to share with your children. It creates memories that will be carried with them for a lifetime. While cooking is a great deal of fun, teaching your kids to cook serves more purpose than laughter. Teaching your children to cook is a great way to teach mathematics and measurements, diversity of taste, and solid nutrition.

What better way to teach your child solid math skills than a hands on lesson? By cooking with your kids, you can sneak in a great math lesson and they will be none the wiser. Basic measurements, conversions and fractions all come in to play when spending time with your children in the kitchen. Teaching your children to measure things accurately is a skill necessary in many points in life. Learning conversions will help your child with that pesky English to metric system that they will have to tackle later in their education. The best part of teaching mathematics through cooking is that your children will not even think of it as a lesson; they will just be spending time with mom or dad in the kitchen, bonding.

Children can be the biggest food critics. Their undeveloped taste palate mixed with their ever changing food aversions, makes getting them to eat a healthy diet very troublesome at times. Having your child help make dinner is a great way to raise the odds that they will actually eat dinner. Letting your children see exactly what goes into the food that they eat, makes a huge difference in how they feel about that meal. After all, when they have worked hard on something rather than just having it put on their plate, they are much more likely to appreciate it. Even if your child does nothing more than taste the food they have helped prepare before moving on to a peanut butter sandwich, they have taken a step towards adding a new food to their diet.

The topic of dieting brings us to the next purpose of getting your child in the kitchen. The statistics of overweight and obese children in the world are alarming, not to mention increasing. Everyone wants to protect their child from the health risks of being overweight or obese, but few people consider the option of teaching your child to cook a solution to this problem. The truth is, commercials do their job of forcing ideas about foods into your child’s mind. So, to keep up, you have got to put some healthy ideas about food out there for your child to soak up. When cooking with your child, you have the opportunity to talk about nutrition and explain why you are eating what you are eating. Such as, why you have chosen to make tacos using ground turkey breast as opposed to ground beef. Children are very impressionable people, you want to be sure food is something they are getting the correct impressions about.

There is no doubt that spending time in the kitchen with your kids can strengthen your bonds of child and parent. However, cooking with your child can do so much more than strengthen bonds. While cooking, children have a wealth of learning experiences available. Mathematics, strengthening and diversifying the palate, and nutrition are just three of the many ways cooking with your children can help them to learn much needed life skills. So, what are you waiting for, get cooking!