How To Tell If Wine Is Spoiled

How To Tell If Wine Is Spoiled

Good wine is like a box of chocolate. It is filled with savory flavors that make you want more every time. On the other hand, spoiled wine can leave a very sour taste in your mouth that makes you think twice about the once savory wine you tasted a few months or year ago. To avoid the sour or unpleasant taste of spoiled wine. Here are easy tips to figure out if your wine is spoiled:

Does the color appear a bit off? If your red wine has lost its reddish hue and is now brown. It’s time to put the bottle down and pour it out. White wine will have a different appearance when spoiled. It will appear like a dark yellow or wheat like color. This off color is due to the wine being exposed to oxygen. When it is overly exposed, it becomes what is called oxidized.

Does the wine taste different or unpleasant? After the tenth or twentieth glass of wine usually people know the taste of their wine like the back of their hand. Spoiled wine whether white or red will taste like vinegar or have a lackluster taste.

Does the wine fizz on your tongue? Unless you are drinking champagne, cider, or beer. One should never experience a fizz like reaction when drinking fine wine. Unfortunately, in this case, the wine has gone through a second fermentation, causing the fizz one may experience.

Does the wine smell like vinegar or some other unpleasant smell? If the wine smells like a musty and moldy basement, vinegar, or has a strong raisin like smell. These are the signs of spoiled wine. However, sometimes wine can have a distasteful smell to it, which does not mean it necessarily has gone bad. The best way to differentiate between true good and bad wines. Is to wait a day or two and try smelling the wine again. If the wine continues to have an unpleasant smell, then it is best to dispose of it. Inspect the cork. If the cork has mold on it, it can get into the wine, thus causing the wine to smell like the moldy cork. If the cork also appears to be pushed up before you open the wine, there is a possibility of corked wine. Aside from the apparent look of the cork, the best way to assure the wine is tainted is to check the smell and consistency of the wine. Corked wine will have a brown tone and smell like it’s caramelized.