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How to Throw a Tupperware Party

How to Throw a Tupperware Party

A Tupperware party isn’t just about selling your wares. You are supposed to make new connections and friends, spread Tupperware’s reputation around, and perhaps recruit new members. In order to do all three of these, you have to know how to throw a successful Tupperware party. Fortunately, it isn’t that difficult to do.

First, you have to find out who is going to attend the party. You should not just invite anybody and everybody. A Tupperware party does not have to be exclusive, but you should know what kind of people are going to attend. First, know who wants more information about Tupperware, whether about the company itself or about the products that you intend to sell. Then, figure out who is “iffy” about Tupperware. This way, you are not wasting time marketing to people who are obviously not interested in your products, but only interested in attending a random party which actually has a few important purposes.

Next, you will have to schedule the party. Tupperware parties are most successful when you are able to have many people attend. Ask the people who are attending when the best time is for them to come over. If there isn’t just one day that they can all agree on, you may be better off scheduling a party that will run for two or three days. It won’t hurt you to host a party that may earn you a few extra bucks!

After you have scheduled the party, you can decide what kind of products you will want to sell. Make sure that they are the products that are “needed” in the kitchen. Storage is a big deal in most kitchens, so ensure that you have plenty of storage containers in different shapes and sizes. For those who are interested in bowls, you will also want to sell different sizes and colors. Baking items are also popular and basically sell themselves. Many people think these items will be great as gifts, so they buy them.

Prepare and set out snack food before your potential customers arrive. Have some refreshments ready. This will make your customers feel a bit more comfortable.

When the people finally come over, you should begin by describing what the party is about. Then, talk about the Tupperware company. Next, ask if they have any questions. This is the time to really make your products shine. After the questions session, start talking about your products. If you have written a script beforehand, you should have had it memorized, or at least gotten the jist of it. You want to look as professional as possible. After you have described your products, you can set them out on the table and allow the potential customers to handle the products themselves.

Give them at least ten minutes. Then, ask if they have further questions. The key to a successful Tupperware party is to always make sure that your customers’ questions are answered. They have to be sure about the product that they’re buying. Once you have completed any sales, ensure that your customers get a debriefing. Then, end the party by talking about how the customers can join the Tupperware team. Hand out any pamphlets and flyers, and point them to applications.

When the party is over, thank your customers for their time, give them your business card, and end with, “Hope to hear from you soon.” You have just completed a successful Tupperware party that will, perhaps, open up new opportunities for you in the future.