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I Need A Vacation

I Need A Vacation

How many times have we heard a coworker or friend utter these four words? How many times have we said them ourselves? Exhaustion comes easily to us Americans. We are working more than ever, working overtime to support our ever needy families, trying to keep up with high mortgages and credit card bills. It is no wonder that we often say or hear “I need a vacation”. It’s true. Going on a yearly vacation is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself and your family.

All of us need to let go. We need to feel free from the stresses of everyday life. Forget about the inbox and worry about whether the waves are high enough to boogie board. We need to be thrown around in the waves, screaming like young children. Fresh air and sand burns. Ahhhh.

Going on a vacation gives us time to bond with our family. The memories we preserve from childhood are often of vacations that our families took together. Remember racing your sister to the waves or your mother going down the waterslide for the first time? Your children will remember the times spent with you on vacation with nostalgia rather than the times spent watching you fall asleep on the couch exhausted from work.

Vacations are important because they allow us to rejuvenate. We are at are most productive when we are able to take a few steps back and refocus. Vacations allow us the time to let our minds wander and relax. Our minds become free to create and process information differently. We may gain a different, more amiable perspective on life.

Vacations give us the chance to experience new people and places. With the daily grind of work, seeing the same people day in and day out can get monotonous. After all, we spend at least forty hours a week with people we may or may not choose as friends. Many of us don’t have a choice who we work with. Going on a vacation gives us a break from the woman who decorated her cubicle in pink flamingos or the boss whose office is covered with beanie babies.

Working long hours is detrimental to your health and for the overall well being of your family. Although working overtime may be necessary in order for your wife (or husband) to stay home with the children, try to be careful. Cut spending when you can and always try to work in that ever important family vacation. You and your children will cherish the memories forever.