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Ideas Vegetarian Meal Meat Eaters Enjoy

Ideas Vegetarian Meal Meat Eaters Enjoy

Finding ideas for a good vegetarian meal that meat eaters will enjoy is a challenge unlikely to be relished by many cooks or chefs. The differences between vegetarian meals and those enjoyed by meat eaters are generally so profound that the concept of finding such meal ideas will prove daunting at best.

The best way to go about finding ideas for a good vegetarian meal that meat eaters will enjoy is in the first instance about examining precisely what the main concerns meat eaters are likely to have regarding vegetarian meals. The vast majority of meat eaters are omnivores – in that they eat both meat and vegetables – as opposed to carnivores, who eat only meat, so this fact should be considered a positive and the process examined from this perspective.

By far the most common concern that meat eaters have around vegetarian meals and cooking is the lack of variety and taste which they perceive vegetarian meals to include and provide. Vegetarians and vegetarian meals are often perceived as being dull and uninteresting by meat eaters and this is the first issue which has to be addressed. By using fresh herbs and ground spices in vegetarian recipes, the meal can not only be made to have greater appeal to meat eaters, it can also be made to be considerably more enjoyable for vegetarians.

Balanced main meals eaten by meat eaters are often said to be a combination of meat and two vegetables. In order to find a good vegetarian meal that meat eaters will enjoy, logic dictates therefore that a minimum of three principal ingredients have to be incorporated in the meal. This should be viewed as including a starch such as potatoes or rice, a vegetable commonly enjoyed as a meal component by omnivores such as broccoli or cauliflower and a third ingredient which will essentially have to serve as a form of direct replacement for the meat.

When attempting to replace meat in a direct fashion in a vegetarian equivalent meal, it is best to consider vegetables of substance, as well as of strong flavour. Parsnips are an excellent choice in this fashion, as are many other root vegetables. Parsnips boiled in water or roasted in oil, with a touch of freshly grated nutmeg and a little butter added prior to serving, are not only delicious but provide for a very satisfying meat alternative.

Considering stir frying is a great way of finding vegetarian meals that meat eaters will enjoy. A combination of the likes of onions, baby corn and mushrooms, served on a bed of fried rice and seasoned with soy sauce will provide a very tasty alternative to a carnivorous stir fry. Alternatively, cashew nuts and pineapple make an excellent combination with onions and will remind the meat eater of the way in which these ingredients are commonly combined with chicken.

Just as variety is often said to be the spice of life, spices can often be said to provide the variety in cooking. By considering some of the options above and opening one’s mind to other possibilities, it is entirely possible to find ideas for a good vegetarian meal that meat eaters will enjoy and keep everyone around the table both happy and satisfied.