Inexpensive Gift Wrap

Inexpensive Gift Wrap

Christmas gift wrap is expensive.  The amount of money you spend on commercial wrap can add up quickly.  We need to think “green” at all times, and this blessed season is no different, so recycling is always a good thing to keep in mind.

An ideal wrap for someone far away from home is the local newspaper.  Our service men and women will be delighted to open a present surrounded by the news from their hometown.  Not only will they be able to read about local happenings and events, but they along with you, will be appreciated by the “green team.”  You might want to add a couple of  extra issues of that same newspaper inside the box for packing material and  for reading pleasure.

How about letting grandparents and other relatives see just how talented your young children are when it comes to art work?  Save those precious drawings, paintings, and color book creations to use for gift wrap.  Be sure to add the name of the artist and the date of the masterpiece to each page.  The small pages can be taped together to form larger wrap, and they will be greatly appreciated by the recipients.  Just go easy on the scotch tape so the artwork can be salvaged in total.  These are great for framing or using as refrigerator art for those relatives who are at a distance, so you are giving a gift wrapped in a gift.  How thoughtful!

Butcher paper can be attractive gift wrap by the addition of Christmas seals and bright ribbon.  You can also use this inexpensive paper for children’s gifts by adding some of their favorite animal or balloon stickers.  

The use of aluminum foil decorated with gummed stars is a great way to wrap a gift, and it is far less expensive that the commercial foil wrap.  

Those flimsy cardboard store boxes can be used for wrapping gifts if you use a little imagination.  Using the front cover of last year’s Christmas cards, you can decoupage the boxes and make beautiful containers for those gifts.  You can copy the cards from your printers onto the inexpensive brand of computer paper for easier decoupage, but the outcome will be just as lovely.

Last, but not least, recycle the gift wrap from those gifts that you receive.  Open the packages carefully, trim any tape or torn edges, and roll the wrap on an empty tube.  Save it for next year, save money in the process, and be a friend to the environment all in one easy step.

Mother Earth, the environmentalists, and those of us who care about the dwindling forests say “Thank you, and Merry CHRISTmas!”