Inexpensive Wine Buying Tipes

Inexpensive Wine Buying Tipes

First of all, make sure you are shopping at the largest wine store in your area. Smaller stores pay more to distributors, therefore all their wine will be sold to customers at a higher price to make up for their investment.

The second thing to look for while choosing a shop is who gives the largest case discount. Most wine stores give anywhere from 5%-20% off a case of wine, a case meaning any twelve bottles of your choice (not necessarily the same brand). If buying an entire case of wine seems a little excessive to you, consider a joint endeavor with some friends or relatives. Just think, this could make for a great party!

Mail-in-rebates are a common promotion from wine companies. They may include a dollar back amount that will compound with additional bottles. For example, $1 off one bottle, $3 off two bottles, or $5 off three bottles are fairly common. Though this may seem like a fairly small return, these rebates can really add up. Just make sure to ask for a receipt from the clerk, as many liquor stores do not provide them unprompted.

Another cost saving tip to consider is buying a larger bottle of your favorite wine if available. Many companies offer 1.5 litre bottles of wine for about 50% more than the 750 ml bottle. Remember, your wine does not need to be drunk in one sitting – there are many beautiful bottle stoppers that will keep your wine drinkable for weeks or longer on the shelf.

A somewhat obvious tip is to stop limiting yourself to a few brands. Try new brands that are less expensive and hopefully you will find an alternative that pleases your palate. There are always new wineries opening up, so don’t be afraid to give them a try.

Lastly, if you want to really save yourself some bucks in the wine department, try making your own! A beginner’s wine kit costs around $75 and there are many online merchants that can help you learn the process of do-it-yourself wine making. Once you make the initial investment, you can make a variety of wines from Reislings to Merlots, from fruit wines to honey wines, and far beyond for a fraction of what you would pay at the store. Wine kits make it easy to produce a bottle of wine that is equivalent to a $30 bottle for around $6 a bottle, or the equivalent of a $10 bottle of wine for around $2 a bottle!

Whether buying in a store or making your own, there are a lot of ways to save on your delicious habit!