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Jack Lalanne Juicier

Jack Lalanne Juicier

What is the answer to a longer, healthier life? Possibly juicing your food with the Jack LaLanne Juicier. This 94 year old former bodybuilder is noted for his incredible strength and durability. He seems to have found the fountain of youth and vitality by getting more nutrients, vitamins and minerals into his diet. The Jack LaLanne ultimate juicing machine comes in four designs. The official website ( gives all the details about each machine but this article will list a few.

The Classic is just as its name implies. It is the first juicier developed by Jack LaLanne and is the all time best selling. Its high output motor, stainless steel blade and extra wide chute makes mush of any fruit or vegetable within seconds. This traditional white appliance is sold at the low price of $99.80 plus shipping and handling, making it a great gift for yourself or others.

The Pro is just a sleeker version of the classic. It will accommodate most whole fruit and vegetables and has a non-drip spout. This version of the classic is a little more costly at $149.95 plus shipping and handling.

The Deluxe is similar to the classic in features but is made of stainless steel. It is only twenty dollars more than the Classic.

The Elite at $149.97 may seem costly but it is two appliances in one. It has a mechanism for juicing as well as an attachment to make milk shakes and nut butters. The official web site says this machine is out of stock at this time. If interested in purchasing this juicier, keep checking back with the web site or send them an email and ask when this item will be in stock.

There are so many benefits to juiciing. The average person needs five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables daily to keep the body functioning as it should. For those who are too busy to take time to each properly, juicing may be the solution. Juicing is quick and easy as well as delivering vitamins, minerals, nutrients and enzymes to the body without having to prepare and digest the food.

Many fruits help the body rejuvenate itself such as apples. Apples give the body fiber and helps with digestive functions. Watermelon is also a great source of Vitamins A and C as well as magnesium and potassium. Many vegetables, such as carrots and spinach, help the eyes, digestive system and immune system. Everyone knows tomatoes are high in potassium but they also give us Vitamins A, C and K that helps the heart.

A quick recipe using some of these fruits and vegetables is a mixture of 2 medium carrots, 2 crisp (cored) apples and 1 inch of fresh ginger root. Juice it and drink is down. Yum, yum! You can even make vegetable soup by juicing four tomatoes, bunch spinach, one carrot combined with minced garlic and fresh sage, heated and eaten. More recipes can be found on