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A good thick oven glove is a `must have ` in my opinion. If you are cooking at a high temperature then it is all too easy to grab the nearest tea towel, wrap it around your hand, take the dish from the oven, stand there and hold your breath as the intense heat starts to penetrate the tea towel and burn your fingers then just hope that you can hang on long enough to lift the dish onto the top of the cooker. I have done that many times in the past and besides being dangerous practice it is incredibly foolish. I will not tell you how many times I have reached into the cupboard for the tub of Bicarbonate of soda to dab on an oven burn.

I force myself to use proper oven gloves now, I even went to the trouble of buying myself some festive oven gloves this year but I find that the double oven gloves can be a little bit tricky to use sometimes. I slip both hands into the oven glove and then forget that I have a piece of material that joins them together, the consequence of that action is that I almost end up dropping the dish. I am sure that most of us have our own idea of the perfect oven glove, I want a glove that is thick enough to withstand high temperatures, an oven glove that can be washed is a `must`, the glove must not have a slippery surface and it must be flame retardant.  Lakeland and JML are websites that I look at regularly, they both produce interesting little items and gadgets. I have just ordered one of those magic can openers for my niece who fell in love with mine.

To be honest I think that the JML oven glove is fairly expensive but you cannot count the cost when it comes down to safe practise.
The JML Incredible oven glove is £9.99 ( $16) – that is not for a pair but just for one glove. But if you look at it from all angles then as long as the glove is hard wearing and extremely heat resistant then it is worth splashing out on.

The JML Oven glove is produced in white, I wondered why the company could not think about producing them in other colours, although the Incredible oven glove is machine washable it is still a very dodgy colour to keep looking clean and fresh. The Incredible oven glove meets all of my needs, it is flame retardant, it can withstand very high temperatures ( they say up to 350 degrees) and the glove feels nice and thick. When I first saw the oven glove I was quite surprised to see that it looks like it is made from wool, the fibres do feel a little bit stiff but when you put the glove on it feels fine on your skin. The thick glove will fit either hand and the wristband is ribbed for comfort as well as safety. Because you have all five fingers separated the glove does give you plenty of room to manoeuvre, you are also able to flex your fingers inside of the oven glove. If you put your hand into the hot oven to take a dish or a tray out then it certainly does protect your skin from the burning heat. I have found that the oven glove is particularly useful for turning very hot things whilst they are cooking, if you have a tray of jacket potatoes they can be very easily turned wearing the oven glove. I would imagine that the JML oven glove would be a marvellous investment if you like to barbecue.

We have a small stick on hook just underneath the worktop by the cooker so I have sewn in a little tape loop to the inner cuff of the glove so that I can hang it up and know that it stays there. I wish the glove was a little cheaper but obviously that is part and parcel of life and I sometimes wish that the oven glove was available in another colour, apart from white. Mind you, if you are washing tea towels and you just throw it in with that white wash the wet glove does not take very long to dry. I would say that I prefer the one thick glove rather than the double glove and I should imagine that the tough looking glove will last me for quite a while to come.