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Jug Kettle Philips Jug Kettle Philips Hd 4646

Jug Kettle Philips Jug Kettle Philips Hd 4646

A reliable and efficient kettle

 Advantages: easy to use and clean.

 Disadvantages: it takes a little time to run in.

 In October 2009 I bought a Philips jug kettle from the Amazon website, which cost GBP25.49.

General information

Philips is a world renowned brand originally from the Netherlands and started in 1891. It is now a leader in domestic electrical white goods and appliances.

The kettle I ordered from Amazon is, to give it its full title, a Philips HD4646/00 White Cordless Jug Kettle – 2.4kw.

The package is a small rectangular box and it is easy to open.  The boxed product weight is just 1.4 Kg. It contains the kettle, the base unit complete with flex and plug and a consumer booklet.

 The kettle itself looks very smart in white with a white base, handle and lid. It has two easy-to-view water-level indication windows on either side of the kettle.  The indicators are graduated with marks for 0.5, 1 and 1.5 litre levels.

 The handle is very well designed with curves for providing a firm hold and the lid is easy to open. The spout is wide with a removable lime scale filter. You can fill water via the spout or via the lid. I recommend that you use the open lid to fill. Use of the spout usually leads to water splashing everywhere.

It boils water fast and energy-efficiently. The boil-dry protection system switches the kettle off when there is no water inside, and a one-shot thermal fuse completely cuts off the power in the event of a fuse short-circuit.

My opinion

I bought this kettle as our last one ‘died’. So I was desperately in need of a new one. When I searched on Amazon and found the Philips HD4646 I immediately made a decision to buy. I have had many products from Philips that have given me very good user experience and after reading other users’ opinions and finding they were all very satisfied with their choice of this kettle I was happy to make the purchase.

Compared to many kettles on the market it is rather stylish and modern although it’s not a new design. When I put the white kettle in my kitchen I was happy with its appearance. It is easy to clean and boils quickly. I found it took 2mins and 30secs to bring 1 litre of water to the boil. However I have two minor criticisms. Firstly I find the kettle a little noisy when working although this might be due to my worktop acting as a bit of a sounding board. Secondly it took a quite a while before I could get rid of the ‘new kettle’ smell and taste you get from the boiled water. Despite boiling and then rinsing the kettle several times before actually using the water to make drinks I found it was 2 weeks before I stopped noticing that funny new taste you get.

Overall I would like to say it’s a reliable and efficient kettle and I recommend it.

Summary: it’s a reliable and efficient kettle.