Kids Paper Crafts how to Make Dinosaurs

Kids Paper Crafts how to Make Dinosaurs

With the way the economy is going, parents need to find activities to keep children occupied, that hopefully are inexpensive, and making Dinosaurs out of paper crafts is perfect. Kids love Dinosaurs, and to help teach them how to make them easily will make any parent an instant hero. The best feature of all is the simplicity involved in making paper craft Dinosaurs – no special skills or tools, and the cost is pennies to keep your child busy all day.

The other obvious benefits for the kids in making paper craft Dinosaurs is the sense of accomplishment they get when the projects are completed, and they have something to play with that they made themselves. Paper craft Dinosaurs are also good for pre-schoolers, in that making them helps with hand-eye coordination and teaches them to follow directions to a successful conclusion. Another good reason to make paper craft Dinosaurs is it gives parent an activity that they can participate in with their child as a teacher. The funny thing is that the more I researched this article, the more jealous I became – I wish they had stuff like this when I was a kid.

Paper craft Dinosaur patterns are available for free on various websites, and all you need to do is download the pattern. After printing it out (complete with instructions) you just trim the Dinosaur out of the paper, decorate and then fold, tape, paste, or staple the Dinosaur into the final product. The entire process only takes between 5 to 15 minutes and the paper craft Dinosaur is finished.

www.enchantedlearning.com/crafts/dinosaurs is one of the better websites for paper craft Dinosaurs. Here you can learn to make a giant dinosaur bone or Dinosaur Eggs from paper mache. They have really neat finger puppet patterns of Dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, and Brachiosaurus. The patterns are simple and easy to make, and kids really love to use their imaginations when decorating these. They even offer a Dinosaur Diorama that can be printed out and then pasted onto a box.

www.rain.org/~philfear/download-a-dinosaur.html is another great site to find paper craft Dinosaur patterns. This website also has links to educational information about Dinosaurs in general, and is a good learning tool. They offer 18 different Dinosaur paper craft patterns in all, including: Camarasaurus, Triceratops, Raptor, Polecanthus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Allosaurus, Parasaurolophus and Corynthosaurus. Again, these are real easy to make, even for small children.

Best of all, after the Dinosaurs are completed, your kids will play with them for hours. Enjoy!