Kodaikanal is a beautiful hill station located in southern state of India called Tamil Nadu. It is popular tourist spot especially in the summers. It provides a very leisure atmosphere for the tourists to enjoy their stay and go for adventure treks. Eucalyptus and other pine type trees are common in this hill station and this provides a different smell throughout the hill station.

Exotic  Places To Visit In Kodaikanal:

Kodaikanal lake is one of those picturesque lakes in the valley. It is very famous for boating and cycle riding. Riding a small cycle around the 6 km circumference lake will provide you a joyful experience experience. When it is more clouded you would just love to trek around the small mountains near the lake. The path is so hard and challenging.

Silver Cascade is a famous water fall where the water just flows gently and we can feel the small droplets of water shattering all around our body when we are near to it. It has been polluted over the years and its mostly unfit for having a good bath. However it provides you a pleasure of chatting near the falls and feeling the breath of fresh air.

Coakers Walk is a site which is very similar to a park but it is very long and extends several kilometers. It has several varieties of medicinal plants and small animals which gently play with you when you get close to them. It also provides some good fresh vegetables to eat for directly from the ground. There is also an observatory where you can watch for a clear view of the entire western ghats as a whole. You can see numerous falls that are nearby and have a clear view of the entire location.

Bryant Park is the most awesome parks in the entire southern India. It has numerous grass cut in different shapes. It is the growing ground for numerous varieties of roses and other exotic flowers. There are more than five hundred varieties of these roses that we can gift. In addition to the flowers there are also fresh fruits and huge hybrid pumpkins available. Usually the park is very crowded and the entry ticket is also very cheap.

Pine forests:

You can stand out and enjoy the cloudy atmosphere in the pine forests. These forests teem with wildlife and plant cover. Overall the entire hill station Kodaikanal is a place to relax and enjoy your vacation.