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Magic Bullet Product Review

Magic Bullet Product Review

Despite the notorious reputation of late-night “As Seen on TV” products, three years ago I dialed the 800 number and purchased a Magic Bullet blender. Looking back on the purchase, I have to chuckle at the fact that it has become the most used handheld appliance in my kitchen. This miniature blender has surpassed all of my expectations.

Before the Magic Blender I rarely made smoothies. In all honesty, one smoothie was not worth the hassle of cleaning my giant glass blender. So, however lazy it sounds, I just avoided use of the blender all together. But, with the Magic Bullet it’s easy for me to make a smoothie in the 5 or 10 minutes I have before I have to leave the house in the morning. The system is very simple: put all of the fruits or juices or other ingredients you want in your smoothie into your mug, place the blending lid on the mug, lock your mug into the Magic Blender, press down, and within one minute your smoothie is ready in your cup. The only clean-up required is rinsing the blending lid and of course washing the cup you used!

The Magic Bullet is also extremely “travel-friendly”. The only power source needed is a regular wall plug, so the chord wraps easily around the Magic Bullet when you want to move or store it. There have been numerous occasions where I have brought the Magic Bullet with me to friends’ houses for parties or team dinners for the high school cross country team. When it came to making smoothies with a large group of people, the Magic Bullet was the only solution to pleasing everybody. Before, with a regular blender, we generally made enough for everyone in one round of blending because it was a hassle to wash out the blender before making another type of smoothie. With the magic bullet, however, everyone got their own cup and just started using this or that to make their very own personalized smoothie. I have to say, I appreciated the Magic Bullet most on these days because it saved me from tasting my friend’s “Peanut Butter Blackberry Creation”.

When it comes to using the Magic Bullet for recipes other than smoothies, I cannot give an entirely positive account. While I have not tried all of the recipes that the Magic Bullet website suggests, I have attempted a few recipe experiments. Chopped chicken salad: absolute failure. The “mixing blade” did not exactly mix my salad as I had hoped it would; rather, it turned parts of my salad to mush. It’s safe to say that I have not attempted to blend anything that I want to remain solid. For mixing liquids or other recipes that have a more smoothie-like consistency however, I maintain that the Magic Bullet can certainly get the job done. Salsas, soups, dips, and baby food could certainly withstand the wrath of the Magic Bullet. It’s only when the web site suggests that the Magic Bullet can make scrambled eggs in 6 seconds that I raise my eyebrows.

All solid foods aside, I believe the magic bullet is certainly a useful blender that has more than repaid its initial cost by providing me with delicious smoothies nearly every day for the past three years. Of all the late night television ads, the Magic Bullet is the only product I have not returned. As long as you understand that it may take one minute instead of 8 seconds as promised on the commercials to make your smoothie, the Magic Bullet will not disappoint.