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Magic Chef Mcd795sw Microwave

Magic Chef Mcd795sw Microwave

Bigger microwaves typically mean more power, but sometimes a bigger microwave just takes up too much counter space.  When you’re looking for a decent microwave that won’t hog a lot of kitchen space, consider the Magic Chef MCD795SW.

The MCD795SW measures 18.3″ x 11″ x 14.5″.  This isn’t one of those times when the inside looks so much bigger than the outside; you can barely fit a large plate inside the microwave.  However, if you don’t need to microwave anything big, this machine will work just fine.  Its small size makes it easy to set up and move as well – it only weighs about 26 pounds.

The MCD795SW comes standard with all of your typical microwave features and options: reheat, defrost, a timer, and a rotating plate.  The normal operation is a little awkward; to cook something for a certain length of time you have to hit the Power button, then the time you want to cook it for, and then Start.  However, there are also Speedy Cook and Minute Plus buttons, which will start cooking right away for 30 seconds or a minute, respectively (or increments thereof if you press the button more than once).

One nice feature this microwave has is the ability to childproof it.  By pressing the Help button on the panel and turning on the Child Lock, you can disable all of the buttons on the microwave except Help.  The door can still be opened and closed, but the microwave can’t be turned on.  When you want to cook something, just go into the Help menu and turn Child Lock off.

The microwave comes with a helpful manual that includes everything you need to know about the microwave.  It even has guides for reheating or defrosting specific kinds of foods, as well as conversion charts for different measurements.  There is even a section in the back of the manual with various recipes.  However, the manual does provide some contradicting information – one paragraph says that running the microwave for a short time with nothing in it won’t damage it, while another paragraph says it will.  (It’s probably not a good idea either way.)

The Magic Chef MCD795SW is no longer produced as a new product, but you can probably find used ones online.  It can be programmed for English, French, or Spanish, and it plugs into a standard 120-volt, 20-amp grounded outlet.  To see a selection of current Magic Chef microwaves, visit