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Mar Del Plata At Its Best

Mar Del Plata At Its Best

Mar del Plata is the second largest city of Buenos Aires Province in Argentina. It is located on the coast of Atlantic Ocean. Miles of beautiful sandy beaches makes it the most popular beach resort in Argentina. The typical oceanic climate of Mar del Plato with pleasant warm summers and cool winters attracts very many visitors from all over the world. The most visited beaches are La Perla, Playa Chica, Playa Grande, Punta Mogotes, Costa Bonita. Mar del Plata is also the biggest fishing port in Argentina and it is considered the number one destination for fresh seafood lovers.

There are lots of things to do in Mar del Plata. Most popular, of course, is swimming, surfing, horseback riding and hiking. There is a huge shopping center located in the Principal Square for those who enjoy shopping. Mar del Plata has lots of casinos, music concerts, tango shows for those who like night life.

There are many places to help the tourist get the best accommodations possible. Numerous apartment complexes are located right along the beaches providing a beautiful ocean view to the guests. Information on how to book your apartment in Mar del Plata is located on Yes-Apartments website.

The most popular tourist apartment accommodations in Mar del Plata are Plazamar, Alquiler Mar Del Plata, Departamentos Mardel, Las Olas and Semipiso Graciela. The full contact information on how to reach them and make reservations can be found on the Welcome Argentina website.

The top traditional 4 star rated hotel located right in the center of Mar del Plata is Gran Hotel Dora. The best website to find more information about this hotel and many more is located here. This website is in Spanish, it is very easy to navigate. You may choose the hotel according to the star rating or other criteria.

Gran Hotel Mar del Plata is also one of the popular hotels in Mar del Plata. It is close to Rambia Casino, Plaza Colon and Bristol Beach. It has a bar and conference room as well which makes it suitable for business travel. The contact information for this hotel is: Gran Hotel Mar del Plata, Rivadavia 2235, Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires Argentina, tel. 1-866-599-6674.

Few more of the highly rated hotels include Che Lagarto Hostel Mar del Plata, Totem Hostel, Holel del Faro, Hostel Casa Grande, El Refugio and Hotel Pergamino. Hostel World website gives full contact information for these hotels.  Reviews are also available on this website and will provide you with the information on location of the hotel, closest attractions, service overview, food ratings and much more. Pricing for the rooms is also available which makes it very easy to compare.

Overall, Mar del Plata is known as the “Happy City” welcoming millions of tourist with great hospitality all year around. It is a perfect destination equally for people who are looking for quiet and relaxing time on the beach as well as those who like lots of activities and excitement during their vacation time.