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Meroe Pyramids

Meroe Pyramids

There are a great many different pyramids from the ancient Nubians, they number approximately 223 different pyramids, some of which are the Meroe. These Great Pyramids are the monuments of these kings during this time which includes those of the 300 BC and 300 AD Centuries. The Pyramids includes the Kerma, the Naga, the Napata, the Nuri and the Meroe, and they each have there own empirical men of distinction, which include those of distinction and those from The Church that made up the most interesting and the archeological sites that the world has to offer its people.

All of these different tombs that can be found in Meroe have gone through a period of plundering during the earliest times of the 1800’s. Included during this time is the explorer from Italy, Ferlini rode in and smashed up more than 40 different pyramids that contained a bunch of treasures that were later sold to museums.

During the time that holds the Meroe Pyramids, the Kings and Queens of the era shows that the Nubian royalty in Meroe are buried there. There are 40 generations, which includes the three Kings and six Queens found in the southern section of the Meroe Pyramids and the 30 different Kings and six Queens in the Northern area. Each of these were built with their mummified ruler and each were covered over with their jewels, the largest cases each contained their weapons and many other kinds of furnishings as well as beautifully crafted horse harnesses, These Meroe monuments have come with the beginning of civilization in Africa.

The largest Nubian burial sites were built in Ancient Meroe by the Kushites and were for those kings who had departed during the time, however the area itself changes with the immigration of the ancient foreigners, which caused Meroe to lose its trade position and caused there to be a smaller demand for its luxury goods. Later the army of Aksumite invaded the land known as Meroe and The Kingdom of Meroite rulers lost control of the area.

In order to visit the area known to most as the Meroe Pyramids, a person will need to get a visitor’s permit from the Antiquities Service and would need to pay the gatekeeper to enter the sites. You will get to visit the area and most likely will be alone while you visit the area. Also you will need to bring your own food and drink as there are no restaurants and no toilets for those who do visit the area.