Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum

Often when an actor plays an evil character, it is that character that he is most remembered for. That is certainly the case for young actor, Michael Rosenbaum. While the gifted young actor has had a number of roles over the years, and established himself as a fine voice actor, it seems that he will be forever known for playing the evil Lex Luthor on television’s ‘Smallville’.

Michael Owen Rosenbaum was born on the 11th July 1972 at Oceanside, New York but was raised in Newburgh, Indiana. His father, Mark Rosenbaum, worked in pharmaceuticals and his mother, Julie Rosenbaum, is a writer. Rosenbaum attended Castle High School and then went to Western Kentucky University where he studied for a degree in theater arts. As soon as he graduated, he moved to New York City to pursue his dream of becoming an actor.

His acting career got off to a shaky start, MTV noticed his portfolio when he auditioned for an unsuccessful show called ‘Talk Girl’ and decided that that they would like to make a  reality television show centred around him called ‘The Michael Rosenbaum Project’ in which he would walk into a new job every day, but the show never got off the ground.

Not to be deterred Rosenbaum pushed on and soon found work in small films such as ‘The Devil & The Angel’, ‘Midnight In The Garden Of Good & Evil’ and ‘1999’ before getting a notable role in the cult horror movie ‘Urban Legend’. This soon led to a role in the television series ‘Zoe’ but it seemed to be voice acting that was his calling because soon he was getting work on ‘Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker’ and  ‘Batman Beyond’ before gaining a bit of a cult following with his roles in ‘Sorority Boys’ and ‘Poolhall Junkies’.

In 2001, he landed the role of Lex Luthor in the hit television series ‘Smallville’ and while working on the show, kept his voice acting work alive by recording for ‘The Zeta Project’, ‘Static Shock’, ‘Jackie Chan Adventures’, ‘Teen Titans’, ‘Justice League’ and ‘Batman: The Brave And Bold’. Rosenbaum shocked fans by leaving ‘Smallville’ but made peace with them by returning to the show for the final episode in 2011.

Since the ‘Smallville’ finale Rosenbaum has reprized his role of voicing The Flash in ‘Justice League: Doom’ and also teamed up with good friend Dax Shepard to him make his independent film ‘Hit & Run’ while also playing Dutch in new television series ‘Breaking In’ which also stars Christian Slater.

Rosenbaum has always been an actor that keeps his personal life out of the magazines. Nothing is known about his love life while fans have only been told small titbits about his personal life over the years – small things like the fact that he loves the New York Rangers and is also a huge Guns ‘N’ Rose fan.

After recently doing a tour of Australia to appear at several Pop Culture Expos, Michael Rosenbaum has now returned to America where he is about to appear on the big screen once again in new comedy ‘Old Days’ alongside Nick Swardson.

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