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Most Dangerous Travel Destinations

Most Dangerous Travel Destinations

If you are planning on a family vacation this year, and you want to avoid all the current confrontations that you see flickering across your nightly news each evening, than there are definitely a few vacation destinations that you may want to scratch off your list of things to see and do. Some of the most dangerous travel destinations are unfortunately the very ones that people accidentally visit on their yearly vacation. Do not let this happen to you.

There are a few countries that you are going to want to refrain from visiting, and with very good reason, they are very dangerous places to travel. At the top of the list is Somalia. This country has recently made headlines around the world for it’s very high incidences of piracy. Somalia has seen a succession of government takeovers within it’s boundaries, and with so much instability within the country’s basic infrastructure, Somalia has become a virtually lawless country. With a strong military presence, yet very little law enforcement in place to punish those who commit offenses, Somalia is indeed currently one of the world’s most dangerous countries to visit.

Rated as the second most dangerous country to currently visit is Afghanistan. This war torn country with it’s civil unrest, and large degree of terrorist activity, is an area that is often a sad feature on the evening newscast. It is definitely not a spot to consider for your vacation destination this year. Foreigners within this country are quickly targeted as potential hostages to be used solely for political or financial gain by terrorists within the Afghanistan. 

Iraq is another country which war has made exceptionally more dangerous for out of country visitors. Tourists are no longer safe in Iraq, and if not killed by militia, then possibly by terrorist activity instead. This war torn country is divided, with local countrymen fighting for control of it’s territory, and innocent people being caught in the crossfire. Previous to the US invasion of Iraq it was actually a reasonably safe country to visit, but that is no longer true, Iraq is now classified as one of the most dangerous countries in the world to vacation in. Be sure to avoid this area.

So what are the other most dangerous travel destinations in the world? Well to break it down to the most extreme cases The Democratic Republic of Congo, Yemen, Algeria, and Pakistan would all rank very high on areas not recommended for travel. These are the countries in which you are most likely to lose your life.

If you like thrills, chills, and excitement and want to plan a vacation with these in mind, there are some wonderful spots to consider. Envision deep sea diving, bungee jumping, mountain climbing, white water rafting, or the roller coaster at Disneyland, and play safe this year.