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Mr Coffee Programmable Coffee Maker

Mr Coffee Programmable Coffee Maker

If you are a coffee drinker, nothing beats being able to hit a button before you go to sleep and having a fresh pot of coffee waiting for you when you wake up. With the Mr. Coffee 12-cup programmable coffee maker, that dream can be a reality.

Mr. Coffee is a popular brand in the home coffee-making arena, and this particular coffee maker (model SKX20) has been around for a few years now. However, it has not become outdated or obsolete, and the one I have still works just as good as it did when I got it.

The coffee maker is simple to use. Use the coffee pot to pour the desired amount of water into the coffee maker’s reservoir (up to a maximum of 12 cups). (Both the pot and the reservoir are marked so you can be sure to use the right amount.) Then place a filter in the filter basket and add some ground coffee.

Just a touch of the ON button starts the coffee maker, but you can also take advantage of its Delay Brew feature to set it to start at a future time. This feature comes in handy for early mornings, when you know you won’t feel like making coffee but you’ll definitely want to have some. Just set it up the night before and turn on Delay Brew.

The coffee maker comes apart without hassle for cleaning. The filter basket pops right out, and the coffee pot and lid are easily separated. My coffee maker is white – you may want to get the black one to avoid the stains that build up over time on the coffee pot lid, even with regular cleaning.

I am very happy with the Mr. Coffee programmable coffee maker. It has never broken, and it brews coffee fairly quickly. Its only drawback is the inherent timer, which will automatically turn the heat off two hours after it starts. The company touts this as a safety feature, but it seems like more of a pain than anything else. If you brew a whole pot of coffee, you may still have a good amount left after only two hours, but it will quickly turn cold once the coffee maker shuts off.

The Mr. Coffee 12-cup programmable coffee maker is getting harder to find as it gets older, but Kohl’s currently lists it online (the black version) for $35.99. A little searching will probably turn it up at other retailers as well.