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My Worst Bb Experience

My Worst Bb Experience

My very worst bed and breakfast experience, took place in Cape May, New Jersey! Apart from it being unbelievably hot, which of course, was of no fault to anyone, I did not expect the impersonal greeting and service that I received!

To me, a bed and breakfast, is all about hospitality; A smiling face, a personal welcoming, a clean and comfortable room and a great breakfast! This is what it is all about! That is why I didn’t stay at the hotel down the street!

The bed and breakfast business is growing in the United States and it seems that some places have a lot to learn; The b and b in Cape May, New Jersey, welcomed my charge card over the phone; The lady was very nice and chatty. She accommodated my request and gave me the room that I thought I was getting.

When I arrived, I was greeted by a gentleman that looked at me as if I was some kind of crustacean that had just crawled off the beach. I was directed to my room coldly and I was left with an uncomfortable feeling.

The room that I was told would be on the second floor, was on the first, right next to the porch, where everyone congregated. I paid extra for my privacy and this was certainly not private! The room, was, however nice!

The proprietor appeared very misplaced; He seemed as if he wasn’t into his business at all! I had never experienced something like this in all of my life! Quite frankly, I would have had better service at the Super 8 motel a few miles away! At a third of the price!

Anyway, I was only there for one night and although Cape May was crowded, I made the most of it! I ignored the fact that the doors to, both my room and the front entrance of the building, locked in a peculiar way. I also ignored the fact that I couldn’t get back into my room, without the nonchalant assistance of one of the cleaning ladies. However, the part that I was looking forward to, was the breakfast!

I awoke the next morning after a comfortable night and I couldn’t wait to receive some of that Cape May home cooking from that bed and breakfast kitchen! I left my room and looked around. I couldn’t see anything, then I noticed some people walking around with plates.

I followed the people with plates and they led me to the front porch. Everyone was outside, perched on what ever they could find to sit on, munching away on water melon! I looked around, I think I got one cup of coffee, I don’t remember!

I don’t like water melon! Especially in the morning! There were also some banana pan cakes, that were sitting in a pot, over some hot water. Yum!

I kind of went beyond my limit of shyness and asked the gentleman/owner, if I could, perhaps have some eggs, or anything with protein? His smile looked like the reflection that one sees on a passing car bumper, as it speeds away.

I received my eggs; It was as if someone had blown their nose into an egg coddler and added some yellow food die, then heated it up!

This was definitely my worst experience at a bed and breakfast and in future, I will steer clear of these places that cross that fine line, between promoting a hospitable business but instead, they simply cash in on it’s worth and go for the money, in a mass productive kind of way!