New Zealand Wines

New Zealand Wines

New world wines over the last 10 years have become more and more popular. They have taken lessons from the older more traditional wine countries and market their wines of different grapes and regions. This allows for some truly outstanding wines to be available from what some would say are the less traditional wine making countries.

New Zealand is a newer world wine making country, but has some very distinguished wines of all varieties.


The North Island of New Zealand is more renowned for its red wine. Its Cabernet, Merlot and Syrah grapes are to be noted, especially wines that herald from the Hawkes Bay region. Nevertheless, the South Island cannot be forgotten too, the Pinot Noir from Martinborough and Central Otago regions are especially to be noted.


White wines are possibly the best wines that New Zealand produce. The South Island is generally more appreciated for its white wines. What with their hints of gooseberry and white current and less common asparagus, some striking and unique flavoured Sauvignons are produced. Especially those originating from the Marlborough region.

Chardonnays are produced to a very high standard throughout the whole of New Zealand, but vary greatly dependant on the different climates. The Chardonnay from the North is probably the most acclaimed white that the North produced. The warmer northern climate allows for flavours of Peach, Melon and Pineapple, while the soil conditions in the Hawkes bay region also allow for a very unusual but subtle flavour of grapefruit. It is thought that this is the only region of the world that can produce wine with such variety of exotic fruity flavours. The southern Chardonnays tend to be more citrus dominated with hints of lemon and stronger tastes of peach.

There are also small whispers in the wine community about the flowery Riesling and the aromatic Gewurztraminer grapes becoming more improved and unique, but still acceptable to the wider market. These grapes will vary widely depending on the region. They are more susceptible to influences of climate and soil conditions allowing for some truly outstanding and unique flavours.

White Wines are possibly the most exciting area of New Zealand’s wine produce as many varieties are available with new tastes hitting the market all the time. There are also some secrets that due to EU rulings can still only be found in New Zealand, but it is thought that this may be lifted soon allowing for a greater distribution allowing more to be invested in its production.


Again, the Marlborough region is renowned for its sparkling wines too. They are generally reasonably priced and give a great variety to the normal sparkling wines with its citrus hints.

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