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Onn Kettle

Onn Kettle

Onn is one of the lesser known electrical brands in the UK The kettle is predominantly a dark grey plastic colour with a light grey trim around the base, handle and lid.  It looks very tasteful will fit in with most kitchen colour schemes with very little bother.

-Whats in the box-

No surprises inside the box.  You get the main kettle, a base which contains the mains cable and an instruction booklet for those of you who dont know how to use a kettle!

-Setting up-

The setup for this kettle is exactly the same as any other cordless kettle.  Connect the base unit to the mains and your halfway there.  Once you have poured some water into the kettle, its time to connect to the base unit.  This is easy to do, some kettles can be a bit fiddly when trying to marry them up with the base but the Onn fits beautifully.  All that is left to do is flick the switch and wait.


I’ve had absoloutely no problems at all with the Onn kettle.  It has a maximum water capacity of 1.7 litres and a recommended minimum of 0.5 litres.  There are no warning sensors on this kettle to alert you if you have too little water.  The only warning you will get will be the noise from inside the kettle as the base gets hot but with no water to heat.  Filling the kettle is nice and easy too.  Pressing in the top flap of the kettle with a couple of your fingers will be enough to lift the top up, allowing adequate space to get right up to the tap without any obstructions.

The kettle has an auto swtich-off mechanism so that as soon as the water has boiled, the kettle will turn itself off unaided.  Whilst this is pretty standard on any kettle, it still deserves a mention because it is an important safety feature.


This kettle is hardly going to wow you.  However, I dont buy kettles to be wowed, I buy them to make hot drinks.  With that criteria in mind, it is hard to fault the Onn.  As a low cost kettle, I would expect to be able to find something negative to say about it but I cant.  It boils water and thats whats important to me.  It may not have all the filtering features of more expensive kettles but at the end of the day, you get what you pay for.  If you are after a low cost, no thrills kettle, you will not be disappointed with this.

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