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Packing For A Short Getaway

Packing For A Short Getaway

What you pack on a short getaway depends on which part of the world you are in and what climatic conditions you expect to encounter. Depending on whether you are flying or going by road or rail, a small amount of basic toiletries is all that is needed to keep you clean. If you can find small sizes of shower get, deodorant, moisturizer and shampoo this makes packing easier. A toothbrush and toothpaste with a razor are the last items. For a hot climate sun cream is essential. 

If the weather is likely to be cold, a daily, clean change of underwear and a couple of shirts or blouses as well as nightwear are about all you need to take. Winter top clothes can be worn for two or three days before needing to be changed. 

If the weather is to be hot, some comfortable, light weight clothes to travel in, something light to wear in the evening for dinner and bathing suits as well as nightwear should cover most eventualities. Perhaps controversially, a hat is also useful to protect the head and face from the fierceness of the sun. There are a variety of hats which can be squashed into baggage and which look good when they are unpacked 

If you can take clothes which can be washed and hung in the bathroom to dry in hot climates that reduces the amount you need to pack and covers the need to take more clean clothes in hot weather. Having clothes in materials which travel well and don’t need to be ironed when you arrive is a bonus. So many man made fabrics are available this should not be a problem.

Shoes are the biggest problem with packing. Winter shoes and boots are heavy so wear the heaviest for traveling in, with perhaps, a light pair for indoors.  For hot climates, a couple of lightweight pairs of sandals, one of which can be worn to travel in, are useful to give the feet a rest. Be prepared for the feet to swell slightly in hot weather so take this into account when you make your choices.

It’s worth considering how the clothes you take fit together. If you can match colors and textures so that your chosen items will go with more than one other outfit you can reduce what you need to pack.

Packing for a short getaway mean thinking about how little you can manage with.  It is pointless to take things ‘because they might come in useful’ as many of us do.  In this instance every item has to be made to work when the time comes. 

It’s also worth considering taking only a small amount of jewelry.  A pair of earrings which closes safely, which can be left in during the stay whatever the climate reduces the number of things to think about. 

Deciding what you must have and what is necessary can be difficult. Packing for a short getaway can be a challenge.