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Packing Tips For A Tropical Vacation

Packing Tips For A Tropical Vacation

If you are lucky enough to be about to embark on a tropical vacation, you may be wondering what to pack for such a trip. There are probably three things that will occupy the majority of your time while in the tropics, so that will definitely take some of the confusion out of what to pack. People go on tropical vacations to enjoy the sun, sand and surf, or the heavenly tropical waters.

There are several things to consider before packing for a tropical vacation. First of all, remember that airlines have limits on how many bags you can check and how much those bags can way. Also remember that you’re going to have to arrive at the airport way early, so you don’t want to pack things in your carry on that could hold you up at a security check point.

Here are some things to consider because thinking about these things will help you decide what you really need to pack.

*Where are you going?

If you are going to a tropical island where you are going to spend most of your time on the beach and participating in outdoor water activities, you’ll obviously need beach attire. If you are going some place where there are fabulous sights to see, you might want to pack more presentable clothing. Also realize that in some cultures, it is not considered acceptable to wear swimming attire away from the beach or pool areas. If this is the case, you’ll want to make sure that you have a proper cover up.

*Where will you be staying?

Where you will be staying also has bearing on what you will need to pack. If you’re staying at an all inclusive resort, find out whether you’ll be expected to dress up for dinner. Some places have multiple dining options, so you may be able to go the casual route and never have to dress up. Other places are fussier about that sort of thing. You probably won’t have to bring really fancy stuff, but know what’s appropriate.

*Prepare yourself –

Some places have laundry facilities, but you may not want to spend your time doing laundry. If you have microfiber clothing that you can travel with, you can easily wash things out and hang them up in your room. New microfiber products are very cool, comfortable and practical. They can be packed and crumpled without ever getting wrinkled.

If you’re going to be swimming a lot, especially in a pool as well as in the ocean, you will want to bring several bathing suits. Be sure that after taking your swimming suit off, you rinse it out thoroughly. This will get the salt and chlorine out of the suit and help it last longer. Multiple bathing suits will give you a chance to keep the suits refreshed. Bring some special lingerie wash (preferably powdered so you don’t have to worry about spillage with liquid,) so you can actually wash them.

*Weather –

Always plan to bring a sweater or light jacket. Although the day time temperatures will undoubtedly be quite warm, you never know what the night time temperatures will be like, and trade winds can make for even cooler temperatures. The time of year you opt to go will also have some bearing.

If you’re going to a tropical place in the southern hemisphere, and you live in the northern hemisphere, you need to realize that their summer is our winter and vice versa. If you are going to a place inĀ  northern hemisphere, winters are much more pleasant than summers. Also find out how humid the place where you are going will be.

*Don’t over pack –

Over packing is a horrible thing to do. Don’t forget that as a traveler, there’s always the possibility that you will want to have room to bring things back from your trip. If you’re going to be hanging out or not doing anything that will demand that you dress up, pack lightly. You won’t need a lot of shorts, pants or skirts because you can wear those things more than once. You will, however, want to have fresh tops for each day.

Be sure to pack some shoes you can wear for walking, and also some socks. You won’t need to pack too many pairs of shoes. You can probably get away with a pair of walking shoes, a pair of sandals and some flip flops.

Be sure to pack some light weight sleep attire because some places may not have air conditioning. In many tropical places, people rely on the breezes from the trade winds to cool things off at night. It keeps the cost of utilities down, and it can be quite comfortable.

*Other things to consider –

If you are going to a tropical place, be sure you pack plenty of sunscreen. Make sure that you have the type of sunscreen that will protect you when you sweat and when you are in the water. Also be sure to pack some bug repellent.

If you take medications, be sure to pack those in your carry on luggage and make sure that you have them in their original prescription bottles. If you don’t, the security screening people may become suspicious and confiscate your medication. Avoid packing personal hygiene products in your carry on luggage because anything that is liquid, gel and/or cream can be confiscated.

Avoid packing anything that is valuable. Don’t bring additional jewelry because it’s not likely that you will wear it anyway. If you are going to have to carry a passport, credit cards, additional cash or other valuables, check to see if the place where you are staying has individual safes in the rooms. If not, find out whether there is a vault at the place where you are staying.

You will want to have a great time on a trip of a lifetime like this. Don’t over pack or get all wrapped up in what you need to take. Don’t even bother with curling irons or blow dryers. Most hotels or resorts have built in blow dryers, and if you’re going to be hanging out on a beach all the time, you won’t need to fuss with your hair.

Make sure you know what kind of regulations the places you are going to have regarding dress. If you are going to a place that has a different culture, you will want to abide by their customs and respect their culture and way of life. If you think you’ll need a cell phone while you are away, find out what sort of provisions your cell phone provider has for international calling.