Peaceful And Tranquil European Getaway

Peaceful And Tranquil European Getaway

There are many notable places to visit in Europe, but few know of this area just south of Munich along the Austrian Alps. The town is Bayrischzell, nestled among rolling hills, streams, Bavarian architecture and peaceful farms. In these last weeks before summer ends, this area is a perfect choice due to it’s tranquility and weather. 

Just 20 minutes north is the more visited town of Tegernsee, which surrounds a beautiful lake, where one can boat, swim and waterski. Bayrischzell is quaint and quiet, yet offers travelers many wonderful opportunities to hike, swim, visit the beautiful Wendelstein Mountain, and immerse oneself in authentic Bavarian culture. 

Most hotels in this town are B&B’s called a pension and on average cost $70-90 for a double room with breakfast.  This is recommended this over a larger accommodation for you will get to know a Bavarian family and way of life.  One can also rent an apartment, which usually comes with a full kitchen and can prove to be more economical especially with a larger family.

Along the main road of Schlierseer Strasse, travelers will find lovely little bakeries and cafe’s, perfect for getting morning “Broetchen”-a German specialty which are rolls of types of breads from white to rye with pumpkin seeds, or sitting down between 2:30-4:00 PM, which is “Kaffee & Kuchen Zeit”-coffee and cake time in Germany. Here be sure to try Bavarian cake and torte specialties ranging from “Zwetchgen Kuchen”,  a Bavarian plum torte specialty usually topped with roasted almonds, or “Himbeer Kuchen”, a scrumptious raspberry sponge cake. Don’t forget to order “Sahne” with both, a portion of whipped cream on the side.

When dining out, be sure to order true Bavarian specialties such as “Schweinshaxen”, a roasted pork dish, “Jaegerschnitzel”, a pork cutlet with mushroom/cream sauce, or “Rolladen”, a rolled beef dish that usually comes with potatoes and red cabbage. 

In the town of Bayrischzell, you will encounter many hiking and cross country ski trails, which are well marked. These trails will lead you through peaceful forests, a perfect time to relax and enjoy nature, surrounded by one of the worlds most beautiful mountain ranges. A swimming pool is also located conveniently in town. Just follow signs for “Schwimmbad”. It is inexpensive to enter, and is clean and well managed. 

In the evening, a popular activity among locals is to go “Kegeling”, a small ball which is thrown like bowling. Give it a try. There are also local pubs and dancing spots.  You may even catch a festival, which typically features food, Bavarian dancing and music. This is also a great way to learn about the Bavarian culture. The best way to learn about any opportunities in town and surrounding towns is to visit the local tourist office either in Bayrischzell or in Tegernsee.

  In town, there are many beautiful shops. Do not forget to bring some money along to purchase an authentic Bavarian sweater, typically made of fine wool, or for the braver the gorgeous hand made dirndls, the Bavarian dress for women.  Men may be interested in purchasing one of many vast varieties of wool hats, typically adorned with a feather looking pin, truly authentic for the region. Bayrischzell also boasts a large and well stocked gift shop, which has a unique and beautiful selection of hand carved religious items for sale. 

Don’t miss visiting the 600 year old Catholic church in the middle of town, which is surrounded by a cemetery, very common in Bavaria. You will also note in the town and along the roads connecting the towns, small shrine’s. These shrines typically contain Catholic statues of Mary or saints and sometimes will be complete Stations of the Cross. Locals usually adorn these shrines with fresh flowers. 

This town is also located conveniently just 1/2 an hour north of the Austrian border, so you may want to take a day trip over.  Although the border is open, don’t forget to purchase your Austrian car Vinette for 8 Euro’s, a requirement. If you fail to do so, you may get a high priced ticket. These Vinette’s can be purchased at most gas stations. Or you can take the train from Bayrischzell to any town, and avoid this cost and the traffic. Regardless of what you chose to undertake during your visit, you will not be disappointed with the serenity of the town, the gracious hospitality of the locals and beauty of being so close to incredible nature. It will be a trip you will be glad you made.

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