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Philips Hd4644 Energy Efficient Kettle

Philips Hd4644 Energy Efficient Kettle

The Philips HD 4644 Energy Efficient Kettle isn’t going to single-handedly defeat climate change, but it is designed to do what it can to help consumers to reduce their energy usage when boiling water. 

Simple, understated but attractive, the Philips HD 4644 Energy Efficient Kettle conforms to a silver and dark grey colour scheme that will fit in well with the majority of kitchens. With water level indicators on both sides of the kettle, this electrical kitchen device is perfect for both left and right handed consumers, and the ON / OFF switch is easy to locate and use.

The ‘energy efficient’ claim that this kettle makes is not, however, as complex as it might seem! There’s no new and unique way of boiling water that will make the Philips HD 4644 more efficient, no special electrical component that saves energy – the solution is in fact quite simple. All too often people boil far too much water, much more than they need for a single cup of tea or coffee, but this kettle has an indicator which lets users know exactly how much water to put into the kettle for a single cup. By only boiling the amount of water you need, up to 66% of energy can be saved according to Philips.

The one cup indicator is not 100% accurate, and it depends entirely on the size of your cup, for instance, 1 standard coffee mug needs nearly 2 cups according to the indicator, but the kettle does at least encourage consumers to think about the amount of water they are boiling prior to switching on.

Boiling times are excellent, with 2-3 cups worth of water boiling in around 1 minute and 1.7 litres of water – the kettle’s full capacity – boiling in around 3 minutes. When heating water, a light on the ON / OFF switch will be activated, similarly this switches itself off automatically once the water has boiled. There’s no risk of the kettle boiling over either, as the kettle will shut down once boiling point has been reached. The kettle is well insulated and will keep your water at a very hot temperature for around 20 minutes once boiled. One welcomed safety aspect is the plastic casing of the kettle, which even when boiling barely changes temperature, so there is no risk of burning whilst picking the kettle up.

Easy to fill through both the large pouring spout and by lifting a section of the lid, the Philips HD 4644 is simple to use and is a very safe model. When pouring hot water, the spout is large enough to ensure there is no splashback into cups.

The Philips HD 4644 Energy Efficient Kettle can be purchased from electrical stores and directly from Amazon for just £16.90 (approximately $28 US).