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Philips Senseo Coffeemaker

Philips Senseo Coffeemaker

I absolutely love my coffee and i have previously bought a coffee machine but it was too much of a faff to make a pot just for myself so after about a week it was back to my trusty instant coffee. When i kept seeing the Senseo adverts everywhere the first thing i thought was i have to have one but then i thought i would use to a few times and the novelty would wear off so i kept putting it off.
My friend bought one and when i went to visit her she made me a latte and the difference in taste was enough to make me decide there and then that i was going to get one. I was pleasantly surprised to see they had come down in price and for a plain black one it was only 50 pounds.

When my Senseo arrived i was happy with how it looked and how easy it was to just take out the box and use, there was no complicated assembling to do just plug in and go really. It might have been the basic model but it looked great on my kitchen counter and it is a bit plasticky but it didn’t look cheap and nasty by any means.
To use the Senseo it is incredible easy you just place a coffee pad in the machine that has the correct amount of coffee you need in it and add water and voila in 30 seconds you have a perfectly brewed cup of coffee to drink.

To use the Senseo you have to buy coffee pods which are readily available in most supermarkets and the Senseo branded ones are made by douwe Egberts. They are available in a good selection of different types, you can get plain coffee, cappuccino, mocha, decafinated etc but be warned some of the pods are difficult to come by in regular supermarkets so i ended up with just plain coffee but i was happy with that as the taste is so much better than instant.

Now the machine isn’t perfect, yes its incredibly easy to use but the cups of coffee it makes are too small for my liking and the pods work out really expensive if you buy the Senseo branded one’s but most supermarkets are now producing their own pods that work in the Senseo and these can bring the cost down by quite a lot. One other thing that really bothers me is the noise the machine makes its incredibly loud when brewing the coffee and the first time i used mine i honestly thought something was wrong with it. Lastly the coffee it makes is absolutely delicious but by the time i add milk it is never hot and a lot of times i end up having to put it in the microwave for a few seconds to heat it up some more.

I really do love my Senseo but once the novelty wore off i stopped using it as much due to the price of the pads and also the size of the cups and now i only really use it then i have people over otherwise i stick to my Nescafe instant so for this reason im only giving it four stars instead of five.