Planning A Vacation To Hawaii

Planning A Vacation To Hawaii

If your last vacation was not as memorable as you had hoped why not head to Hawaii this season. The Island is known for having a slew of outdoor activities that will surely get your heart pounding in no time.

Wander through the jungle in O’ahu. Take a fifteen minute drive from Honolulu’s bustling city and you will find yourself at the foot of the Minoa Falls Trail. This is a one mile hike that takes you through a towering rainforest of gigantic ferns, a thick grove of clanking bamboo trees and rushing streams. Once your at the trails end, relax and sit back and watch the100 foot waterfall plunge into small pools below. The trail is suitable for beginners, however the track can get a bit muddy after a good rainfall. Be sure to bring sneakers and stay in the boundary area. Check out the adjacent grounds of Lyon Arboretum. You will discover additional trails, guided nature tours and plants from regions across the globe. Give them a call at 808-988-0456.

Rock climb through paradise and scale a 40 foot lava rock wall with the Pacific Ocean beneath you. Climb Aloha Company serves as your guide to O’ahu’s rock climbing world. They offer an all-day introductory lesson at Makapu’s Point. You will learn about the equipment and gain safety and technique tips. Give them a call at 808-385-7825.

Kayak at Pristine Bay. Rent an all-glass kayak with Aloha Kayak Company. Once you put on the mask you can look for star fish, colorful reef fish, eels and dramatic coral gardens. Sea turtles are always on display. The crystal clear waters of the bay are amazing. Give them a call at 1-877-322-1444.

Mule down the worlds tallest sea cliffs in a remote area on Molokai’s north shore when saddling up with Moloka’i Mule Rides. The outfitter will lead you down the tallest sea cliffs which have jaw dropping views of the rugged coastline. Once you reach the bottom the guide will take you through a tour of the settlement and community. Call them at 1-800-567-7550.

Dive through lava tube 100 feet in length. They have three different exits which include a spot called the altar. It is a rock illuminated by multiple cracks. The second exit has a number of ways to enter and exit. You can watch as the bubbles float to the surface from the pores in the lava rock. Call Trilogy Excursions at 808-357-3020.