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Planning Your Next Family Vacation

Planning Your Next Family Vacation

Whether you enjoy planning your own family vacation or you prefer to engage the services of a travel agent this article will help guide you on your way to creating a vacation itinerary that the whole family will enjoy.

Your first major decision will be when do you plan to travel?

The time of year that you plan to travel will in many cases dictate where you will or can go.  For example; if you are planning an adventure to Alaska then the ideal time to go will be the summer while the Caribbean is more suited to January to April time frame. While there are preferred or typical times to go there are times you shouldn’t or can’t visit, such as the Inca Trail in Peru is closed to visitors in February while it is hurricane season from May to November for the Caribbean.  A good travel agent should be able to give you an idea of the destinations that are best to visit when you plan to take your vacation or visit best time to visit and check your desired month of travel to get a few destination choices.

What kind of budget do you have?

Most people work within a budget for their vacation and by establishing one for your trip you can be sure everyone is happy in the end.  Keep in mind the farther away you travel and the longer time to you take to travel will impact on your costs.

Next deciding which destination is right for you and your family?

To decide on your destination it will be important to understand what everyone in the family enjoys doing on vacation.  Additionally, if the trip is to focus on the kids depending on their ages and interest you may decide to go to Disney or Grand Canyon.  The good news is for Disney your destination can be a United States location like Florida or California or you now have some international choices such as France, Japan, or China. The international destinations will allow both kids and adults to have an experience to remember.  If you decide on a cultural or adventure type vacation then there are certainly suppliers who cater to families such as Trafaglar , Globus or Disney Adventures. 

You know when to travel, how much spend, where to travel, now to decide the type of travel?

To ensure you have the best possible vacation be honest with yourself, do you enjoy organized and structured travel where all you have to do is wake up and everything is taken care of or do you enjoy a very flexible vacation where you can change your plans on a whim? If you appreciate things being done for you then an organized tour group by a supplier is the way to go. If on the other hand you like to fly somewhere and then decide what you want to do then an FIT or Free Independent Traveler where you book air, hotel and tours yourself will be your best choice.  A great resource to help you plan the vacation is a list of tourism organizations worldwide.

With these key decisions made you are all ready to plan and book your next family vacation.