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Pool Homes Near Disney World

Pool Homes Near Disney World

Disney World is said to be a place were dreams come through and any child that passes through its gates will say that this is true. Even some adults have been known to have be affected by the magic of Disney! Unless you live in or very near to a Disney World resort you will be facing a journey that could prove costly. Once you have taken into account potential air fares, the ticket price and meals you are already paying a pretty penny. Then comes the accommodation problem. Hotels near Disney World theme parks do not come cheap but Disney World pool homes provide a solution to anyone smart enough to check them out.

Regular families can still benefit from renting out pool homes near Disney World. There are almost 30,000 vacation homes near Disney World in Orlando for example. These offer incredible value for money and are a must for any family looking to enjoy the full experience of Disney World yet are on a tight budget. If there are ten people, you should look to rent out a four bedroom condo which will set you back around $200 a night. When this is divided, you suddenly realize how inexpensive it is. Inexpensive yet quality accommodation allows you more cash to check out what Florida has to offer. Incidentally, if you can find a hotel near Disney World for less than $20 a night per person then by all means go there. The thing is, you won’t find one!

Even when you break it down into a family of four or five, it still works out at less than $50 a night per person. There are few respectable hotels that will give you that kind of deal. And besides, you still have to include the cost of dining out when you stay in a hotel. With Disney World vacation homes, you can buy groceries like you do at home and save cash. This also means that you have a much wider variety of food to choose from rather than being constrained by the limited choices on a restaurant menu.

Living in pool homes near Disney World doesn’t mean that you have to visit the theme park alone. There are seemingly limitless activities available for adults and kids alike in the area. If you feel like mingling with thousands of others, the beach is a fabulous option and is extremely close by which means that you don’t have to drive there and have difficulties finding parking spaces. And if you don’t feel like cooking all your meals, you will be close by a number of top class eateries which will allow you to put your feet up while someone else does the cooking for a change!

Booking a hotel room for your vacation to Disney World Orlando should only be done as a last resort. Do yourself and your family a favor, rent one of the Disney World vacation homes on offer before they become fully booked and save yourself untold stress as well as a handsome sum of money.