Popular Scenic Drives In Germany

Popular Scenic Drives In Germany

Germany boasts an impressive array of landscapes in its 137,847 square miles. In the northern region, it features fertile plains and the Baltic seas while the central section of the country offers panoramic views of highlands blanketed by greenery. Southern Germany invites visitors to its rugged Black Forest and the Alps. Nestled within this beautiful landscape sits numerous alpine cities, historic structures and impressive landforms. Scenic drives throughout Germany provide a balanced mix of nature and culture.

Romantic Road

The Romantic Road scenic drive transports visitors back to medieval towns of the Middle Ages. Located between the southern provinces of Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg, the road features historic castles, churches, walled cities like Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Dinkelsbuhl, and splendid views of the Alps. While many people use public transit or group tours to visit these cities, others rent cars to stop and explore cities at their leisure.

River Rhine Valley

The River Rhine Valley features the awesome River Rhine, as well as valleys and green landscapes along the German Alps. Along the river sits castles with fortifications and walls between Cologne and Mainz once inhabited by royal families. Now, many historic castles now serve as hotels, sleeping in places once occupied by kings and queens. Tourists visit these locates via day bus trips or over the course of multiple days.

Fairy Tale Road

The German Fairy Tale Road extends 370 miles between the town of Hanau to the city of Breman and includes more than 70 locations. Adults and children enjoy this route consisting of places made famous by the Brothers Grimm, including castles from the Middle Ages. Tourists see places that inspired iconic fairytale characters like Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Along the way, visitors hear stories about the extraordinary life of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.

Mosel Valley

The Mosel Valley is a tributary of the River Rhine and features cities located between Trier and Coblence known for their vineyards and gardens, as well as castles, Roman artifacts from the 16th century B.C. and museums. The tour features the 2,000-year-old imperial city of Trier, Neumagen – Germany’s oldest wine-growing village and the Berg Eltz Castle, Germany’s best-preserved castle. Adults get to sip some of the best wine that the valley has to offer, and tasty food and pastries.

Upper Black Forest

Germany’s Black Forest is a wooded mountain range in Baden-Wurttemberg, bordered by the River Rhine Valley on the south and west. The dense conifers in the region prevent most sunlight from penetrating it, thus the name. The Brothers Grimm used the Black Forest as the backdrop for pivotal scenes in their fairy tales. As you travel through the forests, imagine Hansel and Gretel trekking through the dense, dark forest. The towns on the route feature alpine structures reminiscent of fairy tale houses.

Alpine Road

The Alpine Road scenic drive features a 280-mile ride weaving in and out of the Bavarian Alps, extending from Lake Constance to Lake Konigssee. It ends close to the Austrian border. The drive offers views of lush forests, expansive pasture land, glaciers, aqua lakes, cute Alpine villages with gingerbread houses, churches and more than 25 majestic castles. Alpine Road’s most famous castle, Wittlesbach Schloss, contains historic items of Crown Prince Ruprecht, the last king of Bavaria’s son.

Popular scenic drives in Germany gives travelers panoramic views of mountains and rolling hills, as well as green pastures and crystal-clear waterways. These natural wonders suddenly burst into cities, towns and villages that transport tourists back in time or sends them into a world of childhood fairy tales. Whether they want a sense of whimsy, want to soak in nature or explore history, visitors find the right road in Germany.

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