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Port Douglas North Queensland Australia

Port Douglas North Queensland Australia

Port Douglas is a major tourist drawcard for overseas visitors to Australia, for it presents five star luxury accomodation and shopping in a beautiful, tropical atmosphere in the north of the Sunshine State, Queensland. It is just sixty kilometres north of Cairns, which has an international facility to take jets from Asia and America. A short hire car ride or bus trip and you will land in this oasis of blue, tropical water and green palm trees which stretch into the hills behind this settlement.This setting, plus the proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, makes it an ideal place to start a North Queensland holiday.

It is hard to believe that this international, tourist destination was once a sleepy village.The opening of the Sheraton Mirage Hotel in the 1980’s, started the ball rolling and other property investors followed suit when they saw the success of this three hundred room venture. When you go out to the northern side of Port Douglas and look across the sea to Mossman and Newell Beach, with the mountain backdrop extending in the distance to the Daintree Rainforest, you could not ask for a more inviting vista to take you exploring there.

Mossman is fifteen kilometres north of Port Douglas, and if you go a further forty kilometres to the Daintree River, the geography and topography of the land just gets more lush and tropical . The Daintree Rainforest is the only rainforest in the world to plunge straight down into the Coral Sea, so it is unique in this respect. After you have taken a cruise on the Daintree River to explore the ancient beauty of this rainforest and also to see a saltwater crocodile, or two or three, you will never forget your journey to this part of the world.

The Mossman Gorge is at the back of this town and it is very picturesque. Back in Port Douglas, after you have made these trips, you can shop at fashionable boutiques and eat at world class restaraunts and there is always entertainment at night in the nightclubs and the Mirage Resort entertainment centre. If you wake up to a balmy day, of the average temperature of twenty-eight degrees Celcius, then you can take a trip out to the Reef on the giant boat, the ‘Quicksilver’ and cruise the Barrier reef. If you feel like exploring inland, then take a ride on the famous Bailey Hooley Sugar Train, or you can go trail riding on horseback, or just trek the rainforest tracks. With one huge resort and twenty-five motels and four camping grounds, you must stay and experience this part of the North Queensland coast.