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Product Review Of The George Foreman Grill

Product Review Of The George Foreman Grill

My George Foreman grill has become a staple in my kitchen. I bought it thinking it was a fun idea to try and I have found it to be incredibly useful. As my grill is now ten years old I will be purchasing a new one but I’m in no rush to change it yet.

I am quite happy with my grill. First, its non-stick surface is still effective and has outlasted most of my frying pans. Secondly this is one product that I’ve found really does live up to its hype. The grill heats up quickly and reduces cooking time by about half with the grilling surface on both sides. The fact that it is slightly tilted means that the grease from meat drips out while cooking thereby eliminating burning and reducing fat. The drip tray works well and is easily cleaned. The grill itself usually doesn’t even oil – there’s a few things that do need it, like fish fillets and vegetables, but for most things their own fat that coats the grill with excess draining off.

Aside from the health advantages – cooking bacon comes to mind here – I really do like the versatility and the speed that it cooks food. Over the years I’ve tried many things in it: bacon, hot dog, steaks, pork chops, french toast, french fries, roasted vegetables, fish both filleted and breaded, even chicken nuggets.

The grill is simple to clean. Simply wipe a wet cloth over the surface when it is hot and it will steam off the grease and baked on fat. The water will drip into the tray as it steams the surface making for a safe cooking surface. It is also easier to dispose of grease generated since it drips into the tray and you can dispose of it in the garbage ensuring that your drain stays clean.

Our favorite uses for the grill is quickie food – hot dogs, french fries or hamburger cooks quickly and thoroughly. Some things don’t need to be defrosted either – french fries and thin slices of food such as frozen fish fillets or veal can cook and defrost at the same time. You can marinate first and get that barbecue taste or just sprinkle salt, pepper and garlic on your steak – much better than frying and not as dried out as barbecue cooking can be.

French toast works well, you just have to make sure the grill is oiled and the bread not too soaked; beyond that it’s really tasty. If you’re cooking for one, a handfull of french fries and fish sticks take the same amount of time to cook – perfect for students. One hint on using the grill I’d like to share is to make sure that the pieces of meat that you are cooking are about the same thickness – because it is cooking on the top and on the bottom. If you use different thicknesses the thinner ones will take longer since it will be getting the full heat from both grills. Experiment!

When you first get your grill, go for something simple. How about a grilled cheese sandwich? Here’s mine: Take two slices of bread (French bread is great), butter the inside layers, place your favorite cheese in the middle. Place the sandwich in your preheated grill and wait a minute. By that time the bread should be toasted and the cheese melted. If you like a darker sandwich and criss-cross marks on the bread, turn the sandwich sideways and cook for an additional minute. Take it out and enjoy!