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Product Reviews Bunn Coffee Maker

Product Reviews Bunn Coffee Maker

Bunn makes a fabulous coffee maker. I received one as a gift in 1978 and kept it until autumn of 2007. I can’t say I used it all that time. The significant other thought his coffee maker was the best ever made so I put mine away for about ten years. Got it out again when I needed it and it worked just fine. Considering storage time, that’s almost twenty years of coffee making. In warm weather months when everyone is doing yard work, my neighborhood friends and I call to each other to take a coffee break. Someone always says, “Let’s go to her house. She’s got the Bunn.”

The Bunn coffee maker is the drip type, as are most popular brands. The concept of the Bunn is that as soon as the water is poured into the tank, the coffee starts dripping into the pot. Bunn puts a stainless steel holding tank on it’s machines that keeps water hot all the time. As cold water is poured into the tank, the hot water is forced out and begins running into the coffee ground receptacle. The water doesn’t drip slowly but runs through a sprayer type head that allows water to saturate all the grounds evenly. A ten cup pot of coffee is ready in about three minutes. How quick is that?

The Bunn has two on/off switches. One is for the holding tank and is kept on to keep the water at optimum brewing temperature. The other switch is for the warmer plate and is used only when coffee is brewing. Turning off the switch for the tank defeats the beauty of the system and leaves you with no hot water when you want a quick pot of coffee.

Most restaurants use Bunn coffee makers because of the quality and speed of brewing. The Bunn you buy for your home has the same commercial quality. Several designs are available with glass or stainless pots or with a carafe that doesn’t require a warmer plate. Expect to pay around $100 for a Bunn. It’s worth it.