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Product Reviews Ducane 32 Gas Grill

Product Reviews Ducane 32 Gas Grill

The Ducane 3200 series, gas grills, are all available in either natural gas or liquid propane. The Ducane 32″ Meridian 5 burner grill, ranges from $1300-$2000, depending on certain desired features. The natural gas models, usually run about twenty bucks more than the LP versions.

The 3200 Affinity, 3 burner models, are decidedly cheaper; But take a look at the Ducane 32 model! It is similar to the 5 burner Meridian, it has a few less features, but it runs in the low $1300 range! This certainly makes this grill quite appetizing, especially as it is quite sizeable and has a lot of functionality.

Ducane is now owned by Weber and the Ducane 32 gas grill is exclusively sold through the Home Depot corporation. Weber are hell bent on giving more BTUs for your buck, so the Ducane 32 was built under license for Home depot, in China!

One of the best warranty features of the Ducane 32, is that the Weber company, are standing behind this product and are available 24/7/364. Another good thing to know, is that spare parts for most Ducane products are easily obtainable and can be shipped and replaced in no time at all!

Although the Ducane 32 may seem a little light in structure; If you are shopping for price and want a powerful grill at a reasonable price, then this grill is for you! It’s complete, lightweight stainless steel structure, will not only please your eye, but it will please your muscles, as it is quite maneuverable.

The ducane 32 grill comes with five lightweight stainless steel burners, throwing a total output of 60,000 BTUs. In addition, there is another burner which is built into the cart; It is nicely covered and has a single output of 12,000 BTUs.

The Ducane 32 gas grill, will definitely cook what you want and when you want it. However, there is limited indirect grilling ability, as this grill seems to be over ventilated and any hope of heat build up, will be restricted because of this.

The best feature of the Ducane 32, is that it comes with a spit fork rotisserie with motor and an infrared rear mounted rotisserie burner, with an output of 10,000 BTUs. This is all part of the full standard rotisserie package! Another good feature, is that all five main burners can be individually ignited and along with the in-hood temperature gage, this should allow for one to take more control of your grilling.

The primary grilling area of the 32, is around 600 square inches with a total cooking space, including warming area, of around 832 square inches. The slide out drip pans, make it easier to keep clean and with the enclosed propane tank storage area, with slide out tray, makes everything compact and looking more attractive.

Before purchasing the Ducane 32, one should take a close look at the warranty structure. There are a few variables that should be taken in to consideration.

Dimensions are as follows: Height (with lid open) 58 inches.
Width 67 inches.
Depth 26 inches.