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Product Reviews Le Creuset Cookware

Product Reviews Le Creuset Cookware

I think all budding chefs are drawn by the look and sheer elegance of Le Creuset cookware. It has an appeal about it that few cookware ranges share.

It is however, in my opinion, hopeless! Unless you have lots and lots of time to allow the pans to come to the right temperature before tossing in your ingredients, are able to know just when to turn down the heat at exactly the right time and to the right temperature, everything you cook in the pans will fail – miserably!

I bought a casserole dish. It was all I could afford at the time. I am so GLAD I did not buy any more. I welded so many casseroles to the pan, it discoloured quickly, and quite frankly it was SO heavy I found it hard to lift empty let alone full and struggled to store it in a small home when all the rest of my pans were hung from a pan rack. (I wouldn’t dare hang the casserole dish in case it brought down the ceiling hooks!)

Instead, with a little more cooking experience I have found something that is EVEN BETTER than le Crueset for budding chefs. I would heartily recommend it – and do to all my friends and family. It’s called Diamant stone cookware. See link to a page describing it below. IN terms of cost it is probably comparable, but in terms of use it is OH SO MUCH BETTER!

I have found the surfaces totally NON stick, even when I have burned a casserole dry by accident. Just like Le Crueset you can use it on the hob or in the oven, under the grill etc, and the wooden handles detach so you can put absolutely any pan in the oven or under the grill for browning. And even better – it goes through the dishwasher.

Why buy Le Crueset? When this works so much better, cleans so much better, and is so much more versatile and weighs so much less?

I buy mine from a local shop. However if you want to know what you are asking for check out this link which shows the full range of Diamant Stone cookware.