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Product Reviews Weber Genesis E320 Gas Grill

Product Reviews Weber Genesis E320 Gas Grill

The Weber Genesis E320 gas grill is a robust piece of barbecuing machinery! It comes with 507 square inches of primary grilling space that will get things really hot and ready to grill within ten minutes!

With it’s choice of three colors; black, dark-blue or green, this grill will be the focal point of back yard envy! Weber really out did themselves this time as every single part of this, leave in your will grill’, is built to last a life time.

Priced in the $600 range, Weber has made sure that the Genesis E320 will not fall apart; The frame work is welded together and not riveted or bolted, as found with some inferior gas grill models. The quality is consistent throughout; Built with 304 stainless steel, porcelain coated sheet metal and cast aluminum, you could probably tether your live stock up to it and not have to worry about the slaughter fees!

Invite your whole company over for a feast; There’s an output of 42,000 BTUs from the main three steel tubular burners and an additional 12,000 BTUs from the side flush-mounted, covered burner. The total cooking area of the Genesis E320, spans 637 square inches, this includes a 130 square inch warming rack; It’s enough for any hungry mob of co-workers!

Again, Weber’s emphasis on high output from low energy, has this grill running very efficiently; The Genesis E320’s unique design, as most of their grills do, automatically produces an elevated and evenly distributed temperature. Taking your grilling to another level; Because of the E320’s very effective valve control, design and built in hood thermostat, one will be able to sere, as well as cooking other foods at lower temperatures. “Gosh Captain, do y’ think she’ll hold?”

The electronic, push button cross over ignition, enables all three burners to light in succession, thus rendering your matches redundant. The Genesis E320 rolls along on four heavy duty caster wheels, with front locking option for safety.

This model is available, either as a natural gas grill or a (LP) liquid propane unit; The LP models come with an enclosed tank storage area and a precision fuel gage (tank not included) and the natural gas model is supplied with a 10 foot flexible hose.

The Weber Genesis E320 is a very attractive package, consisting of many useful and well thought out features: The most unique feature of this grill, are the Porcelain enameled Flazorizer bars and porcelain enameled cast-iron cooking grates, which are especially designed to eliminate fat and grease flare ups. For convenience, there are two very tasteful stainless steel work surfaces, idyllic for preparation and serving.

Also included; A Weber cook book, full of ideal barbecue recipes and six tool holders. There’s a limited warranty and 24 hour, 364 days a year, customer support. Knowing that this quality product has the backing of it’s makers around the clock, surely raises the bar and closes the hood on this deal! This unit is most definitely the best grill on the market for the money!

The Genesis E320, stands at a towering height of 64.5 inches, with the lid open. It is 60 inches wide, with a depth of 30 inches.

There is a voluntary recall on some Genesis E320 gas grills and certain other Weber gas grill models at this time! This is due to damage to the gas hose which is attached to the side burner. Apparently the gas hose can be cracked or broken off, during shipping procedures. So far there have been no injuries reported, however, approximately 49 incidents have been reported to the Weber company. The total recall involves about 14,000 units.

For more information, please call the number(s) or visit the URL below and check to see if your particular model number is included in the recall.

Weber-Stephens Recall Hotline: (866) 249-3237
CPSC Recall Hotline: (800) 638-2772
CPSC Media Contact: (301) 504-7908

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