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Pros And Cons Of Vacationing At Christmas

Pros And Cons Of Vacationing At Christmas

Traditionally, the major holidays have been viewed as a time for family to draw close together and celebrate good times and good memories with the people who mean the most.  Traveling, if done at all, was for those who had moved away from their hometowns and their families in search of education or job opportunities and were returning home for the holidays.  The holidays represented that special time when reuniting as a family was expected and desired. 

In today’s world, it is no longer necessary to wait for the excuse of the holidays to return home to visit family and friends.  Advanced transportation systems make it easier to travel any time of the year.  Because of this, Christmas and the other major holidays are no longer considered the only, or even the best, time to get together with family.  With the pressure of family obligation removed, the idea of traveling for the sheer enjoyment of taking a vacation during the Christmas season has caught on in a big way.

In deciding if the Christmas season is the right time or not for your next vacation, consider the following points:

1)  The Christmas season has a reputation for producing some of the worst traveling nightmares of any traveling season.  Weather delays, overcrowded airports, busy highways and overbooked accommodations can make holiday vacation travel very stressful.

2)  Even though you can visit your family any time during the year, if the Christmas holiday is still a special time for a family reunion with your relatives, your Chirstmas vacation plans will mean you will miss out on this event.

3)  On the plus side, Christmas family gatherings can be the source of aggravation for many families when too many people with too much bad history are forced together for the sake of “family.”  Taking a Christmas cruise instead of going home this year may be just the sort of relaxation you need to get away from it all.

4)  Enjoying the Christmas holidays in another environment or even in another culture could widen your horizons and give you a better understanding of other Chirstmas traditions.  You may even rediscover the true meaning of the holiday season by seeing it through a different set of eyes.  Shaking up the mundane rat race of your everyday existence can do wonders for your perspective.

5)  You may not be the only one in your family who feels obligated to do the “family thing” for Christmas.  By deciding to take a vacation during the Christmas season, you may give everyone in your family the freedom to expand their own thinking in terms of how they want to spend the holidays or how they can find other ways to express their feelings for the season.

Deciding to take a vacation during the Christmas season is a very personal decision.  There’s no doubt you will be shaking up the traditions that have entrenched you throughout your life.  But maybe, just maybe, a shake up is just what you need to enjoy the holiday season in a whole new way.