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Reasons To Stay At Jules Undersea Lodge In Key Largo Fla

Reasons To Stay At Jules Undersea Lodge In Key Largo Fla

Key Largo is the largest of the keys in Florida, USA and is a beautiful area of the country to visit. The marine scenery and many attractions make it a great place for a vacation and there are a range of hotels on offer if you plan to stay there. While the majority of the hotels offer standard accommodation, if you are looking for a unique experience while visiting Key Largo the Jules’ Undersea Lodge is an option to consider.

Although it can be used for overnight stays these days, the Jules’ Undersea Lodge actually started out life as the La Chalupa research laboratory, which was used explore and research the continental shelf on which it sits. It is located in the Emerald Lagoon in the Key Largo Undersea Park. The entire structure sits under water on legs which elevate it around 5 feet above the lagoon bed. Although spending a number of years as a research facility, it was then completely revamped and the interior remodeled for use as tourist accommodation. It has around 600 feet of living space and can accommodate a group of up to 6 people at a time. There are many great reasons to visit with some of these including the following.

Unique way to enter a Hotel

With the hotel being situated entirely under water the only way to enter the Jules’ Undersea Lodge is by scuba diving. The hotel is filled with compressed air and this prevents the water from rising into the structure. There is a five foot by seven foot pool at the base of the structure and this is basically the way that guests get into and out of the hotel. Getting to and into the hotel is therefore an experience to be looked forward to like no other hotel.

Relaxing Experience

The hotel is spilt into three main areas. Entering through the pool at the base of the hotel gets you into the wet room. There are also two main living areas in the hotel. The first of these is a common area which is a multi purpose room used for relaxing and dining. The other living area is separated into two private bedrooms. The calm and quiet of being completely immersed below water can be a relaxing experience and should ensure you are well rested while you stay at the hotel.

Views out the Window

Each of the living areas in the hotel is fitted with huge 42 inch porthole type windows and this ensures a fantastic view of the marine world surrounding the hotel. The lagoon in which the hotel is situated is home to a huge variety of marine life. Looking out the window will afford you the opportunity to see species such as snappers, barracuda, angel fish and parrot fish, to name a few. The bed of the lagoon is also home to many animals such as oysters, sponges and anemones. The view you get at Jules’ Undersea Lodge is therefore unlike any other hotel in the world and is worth the cost of staying in the hotel.

Great Service

The hotel offers great service with the staff being on call to serve the needs of the guests around the clock. A chef is available to cook meals, or if you fancy some takeaway it is even possible to order pizza which will be delivered to the hotel. Whatever your needs when staying at the hotel the staff will help you no matter the time of day or night.

Become proficient at Scuba Diving

It is possible to stay at the hotel even if you have never been scuba diving before and a basic 3 hour class is held to acquaint beginners with the basics of diving such that they can do so with the hotels dive instructors. However if you plan a longer stay in the hotel it is possible to complete dive certification in only three days as well as undertake some more advanced training. If your ambition is to become proficient at scuba diving, this can be a good reason to spend time in the hotel.

Staying at the Jules’ Undersea Lodge will provide a unique experience that is sure to stay in the memory for many years after. The chance to live and sleep underwater and get a close up view of the marine life of the Emerald Lagoon in Key Largo is something that any person that takes the opportunity to visit will enjoy. It can therefore be a great choice of hotel if you ever visit Key Largo.

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