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Recipes For Inexpensive Meals

Recipes For Inexpensive Meals

The most expensive products in the grocery store tend to be meats.
Living on a very strict budget, and having a family of 6 to feed, I learned a long time ago how to get the most from the money I spend in the meat department.

* Note-If you choose, you can use ground beef in these recipes. For myself, because it is cheaper, tastes relatively the same, and is also healthier than ground beef, I almost always use ground turkey, in place of any recipe that calls for ground beef or chuck.

Feed 4-6 people for 3 days using only 1 lb. hamburger, or ground turkey

Day one

1 lb hamburger
4-5 jars generic speghetti sauce
cooked pasta
optional- diced onion, green or red bell peppers

-Brown hamburger or ground turkey with onion and pepper. Season as desired using garlic, parsley, oregano, or Italian seasoning blend.

-Add sauce to meat mixture, and bring to desired tempature.

-Reserve 1/2 the sauce (place in refrigerator for another day.)

-Serve sauce over pasta.

Day 2

Add to leftover sauce

3 cans chili beans (hot or mild)
2 cans diced tomatos
desired amount of chili powder, and red pepper

-Bring mixture to desired tempature

(Reserve 2-3 cups of chili for another day)
-Serve in bowls with warm bread, crackers, and grated cheese.

Day 3

2 packages of hot dogs, cooked
2 packages hot dog buns
grated cheddar cheese
diced onion

-serve, hotdogs open face on buns
-top with reheated chili, grated cheese, and diced onion
-eat with a fork!

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