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Relentless Origin Energy Drink Review

Relentless Origin Energy Drink Review

I’ve tried pretty much all energy drinks out in the UK, and being a student I spend a decent few pounds on buying these drinks for the weekend or when I’ve got a crazy assignment in for the next day as it keeps me sharp and well, I like the taste. They are also brilliant after the gym, to top up the energy and wake you up a little (NOT during the exercise).


Relentless has to be one of the better energy drinks I’ve tried in a long time, not only is it one of the few drinks that comes in a 500ml can, but is also great value for money with all considered; Red Bull costs £1.30 for an average can of 250ml, see the massive difference, of course not forget Tesco Kick or Red Devil, but I found they don’t have the same effect or “strength” as Relentless, or variety of flavours for that matter.


After drinking the whole can of Relentless over a 10 minute period, I usually get a “high” and can concentrate on things better and am really alert, hence it’s great for doing assignments, but unfortunately it only lasts for a few minutes to an hour before you have a “crash” and begin to feel tired and your concentration levels go way off. I found that drinking a lot of water (3-5 glasses) will restore your original state, or you can crack open another can and get the same effect for another few minutes. But there is a down side to it, since the drink is caffeine rich, it has a bladder “weakening” effect and may cause you to go to the toilet much more often or worst (last episode of InBetweeners Season 2 for better explanation).


First time I tried Relentless Origin, I found that it strongly resembled the Tesco Kick taste, the so called Mixed Fruit taste, however wasn’t as strong as Relentless. Relentless also comes in different flavours so you have a little bit of variety.

Health Risks/Effects

Like the warning on the can says, this drink is high in caffeine and contains Taurine, so if you’re sensitive to either of them, avoid. Also because of the high caffeine levels young children should not really drink this, and the drink is sometimes not sold to under 16’s. I,in fact, got asked how old I was once or twice before I was sold it. Also pregnant women should avoid it. Like I said above, consumption in large amounts will have a negative effect on your bladder by weakening it, meaning you have to go a lot more often or if you consume the drink one after another, your stomach will not be pleased.


Overall, this drink tastes pretty good and does what it is meant to by giving you a sort  of alert level; however the crash which will eventually come is the exact opposite. The price is quite good too, I buy a 4 pack for about £4 in Tesco on a monthly basis and keep it in the fridge for when I need it, individual cans cost around £1.30 to £1.60 depending on the flavour in Tesco. Apart from the slight health issues with continuous consumption, this drink is great.

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