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Review Of Delta Business Elite

Review Of Delta Business Elite

This is a review of Delta’s Business Elite class of service on transatlantic or transpacific flights. While many people may have flown first or business class on domestic or shorter international flights, Business Elite on longer flights is an experience well worth it, especially if you can get it with points or upgrade at a reasonable price.

When you walk into the first class cabin, the first thing you will notice is the seats, or rather the arrangement of the seats. While these are the same well cushioned and larger seats you may be accustomed to in first class, the spacing of the seats immediately gets your attention. Leg room is no longer a consideration. As you sit in your seat, all but the tallest person can fully extend their legs in front of them.

The next thing you will notice is the control panel on the armrest. It looks like the seat adjustments in a luxury automobile. Every part of the seat can be adjusted for maximum comfort, up to and including a full extension, turning the seat into a recliner fit for sleeping. Add the full size pillow and plush blanket that is included and you can slumber all the way across the ocean.

Troubled by noise and light? No worries. Pull the eye mask and ear plugs from the case in the seat pouch in front of you and block out all distractions. And while you are at it, why not take off your shoes and put on the little booties also included? When you wake up, take the toiletries in the case to one of the restrooms in the cabin to freshen up. Then you will be ready to put on the full sized cushioned ear phones and watch one of the recently released movies on your personal touch screen monitor.

Of course, as in all first class flights, beverages and food is included, but the service on these flights exceeds all expectations. Early in the flight an attendant will bring around a menu outlining the appetizers and main courses available. Don’t waste time deciding between the three starters as you get all of them. You will have several entrees to choose from and all will be a bit above what you may have had on previous flights. Finally, top the meal off with a cheese tray or an ice cream sundae.

Spending ten or more hours on an airplane is never an experience one looks forward to, but with amenities and service like this, it’s as pleasant an experience as you can imagine. On your next long flight, give Delta’s Business Elite a try.