Robert Picardo

Robert Picardo

Robert Picardo was born on October 27, 1953 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Robert is an Italian-American with his father’s family originating from Naples and his mother’s from Bomba in Abruzzo.

After graduating from William Penn Charter School in 1971, he enrolled into Yale as a pre-med student, but changed his mind and focused on acting instead.

This Emmy Award Nominated American actor is best known for some of his roles such as his performances of Dr Dick Richards in ABC’s “China Beach” and the holographic doctor in “Startrek: Voyager”. Throughout his career he acted in many roles in various television series as well as some movies, often playing his roles covered with layers of prosthetic latex.

His first screen appearance took place in 1981 in the film “The Howling” where he played the role of Eddie Quist, a serial killer werewolf. In the same year he also had a repeating role in the sitcom “Alice”. In 1985 he played in director Joe Dante’s science fiction film “Explorers” and later performed in both “The ‘Burbs”and as a cowboy in “Innerspace”. He also acted as Meg Mucklebones in “Legend” by Ridley Scott.

Other roles that Robert took on included a small role as a funeral director in “Amazon women on the moon” and the voice of the computerized Johnny Cab in “Total Recall”. From 1995 to 2001 he acted as the Emergency Medical Hologram and Emergency Command Hologram in the television series “Star Trek: Voyager”. He was a guest star in the television series “7 Days: Revelation” and in 2004 he started acting in a recurring role for both “Stargate SG1” and “Stargate Atlantis”. In 2007 he portrayed a teacher in “Ben 10: Race against time” and in the same year he acted in director Ross Emanuel’s feature film “PJ”. In 2008 he starred in “Chasing the Green” and narrated during an orchestral performance of the music of Star Trek, explaining the background and history of the music in Star Trek. In 2008 it was announced that he would join the cast of “Stargate Atlantis” permanently in its final season.

In 2009 he made his appearance in various television series like “Pushing Daisies”, “Chuck” and “Castle”.

Apart from acting, Robert has been a member of the Board of Directors for the Planetary Society since the early 1990’s and in 2002 he wrote the book “The Hologram’s Handbook”, published by Pocket Books.

He married Linda Pawlic in 1984 and has two daughters named Gina and Nikky.

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