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Romantic Spring Vacation Ideas

Romantic Spring Vacation Ideas

Spring break is generally regarded as a time when people can get away from it all and the ideal way to do that is to head to a place where you can do whatever you want – even if that happens to be nothing. Nothing will refresh a person like some pampering, a chance to relax in a warm climate, lay on a beautiful sandy beach and just enjoy the magnificent surroundings and all that life has to offer.

A romantic spring break getaway can be a great way to rekindle the romance in a relationship, take the time to propose to your significant other or just spend some quality time together in a spectacularly beautiful and isolated place. Whether you want to go to some remote place where no one can find you, or you want to be in a place where you can be wined and dined and pampered in the extreme, a romantic spring break vacation can make a world of difference in any kind of romantic relationship.

Here is a look at some wonderful places to go if you’re looking for a romantic spring break vacation idea.

*Caribbean –

If you’re not concerned about money and you want to be treated like royalty, consider taking a trip to the Caribbean. Little Dix Bay Resort at St. Kitt’s is consistently rated as one of the best all inclusive deluxe resorts. The food is outstanding, the beaches are spectacular and there is great snorkeling and scuba diving.

Many of the Caribbean islands have resorts that offer package deals, some of which even include spa treatments. Atlantis is a well known one in the Bahamas. Copamarina in Guanica Puerto Rico is a wonderful, low key resort with lots to do.

*Mexican Riviera –

Cancun and other spots on the Mexican Riviera are also wonderful places to head if you’re looking for a romantic escape. Beautiful white sandy beaches and close proximity to some spectacular Mayan ruins make this a fabulous destination for site seeing, exploring and just hanging out on the beach.

*Rio de Janeiro –

Rio is an ideal destination for beach lovers. Ipanema beach is said to be the place where summer happens in Rio and in Brazil. The beach is a public beach, so it can be very crowded. Since Brazil is south of the equator, depending on when you go, it may still be summer in the southern hemisphere.

Copacabana Beach Resort is one of the most famous beaches in the world. It is a fabulous place for surfing, diving and just hanging out on the beach. The best and most popular time to book a vacation here is November to March. It is said to be an example of Brazil’s beaches at their best.

*Savannah or Charleston –

Savannah is well known for its fabulous architecture and gardens, as is Charleston. These are places that offer the best of the traditions we typically associate with the old south. You can visit either of these places and feel as though you are experiencing the culture of a regular city, but without the size. Whether you want to lie around and enjoy the surroundings or eat some fabulous southern food, you’ll be able to do whatever you want in either of these places, but without the price tag of places like the Caribbean or South Pacific.

*Hawaii –

You won’t need a passport to visit Hawaii, but you’ll need some deep pockets. It is not a cheap place to visit, but it is spectacularly beautiful and fabulously tropical. If you want a taste of the South Pacific, you can get some of it in Hawaii because the Polynesian heritage of Hawaiians comes from elsewhere in the South Pacific.

*Paris –

It has often been argued that Paris is the romantic city in the world. It is certainly a wonderful city for lovers, and it’s spectacularly beautiful. It is the perfect place for a guy to propose to a girl or woman, and that will be a spring break trip that a couple remembers for the rest of their lives.

As long as you aren’t going at the peak time when tourists travel there, it can be very fun! Be sure to book your flight long in advance. If you’re going to go to Paris, you may want to have a travel agent help you work out the details. The value of the dollar is not good in Europe, so things can be outrageously expensive.