Sally Bercow

Sally Bercow

Born Sally Illman on the 22nd of September 1969 in Surrey England, Sally is the eldest of three children born to parents Eileen and Ronald Illman. A strong-headed and determined individual by nature, Sally lost her 73-year old father who was a builder’s merchant by profession at the age of 16.

While coping with her father’s passing, Sally used the money he left her to further her education. She went to Marlborough College, then Keble, Oxford where she pursued Theology and History but was unsuccessful in ascertaining a degree because she quit Keble after only two years. During her tenure in college, she enjoyed a prolific past of abusing booze and one night stands. On the other hand, she has been a conservative activist in University. To be more precise, she was the Social Secretary of the University Conservative Association.

Who is Sally Bercow?

Sally worked in advertising and public relations after quitting school and was a member of the Conservative Party Conference for which her argumentative skills suited her. At almost 6 ft, Sally met her future husband John Bercow, now Speaker of the House of Commons, at a conservative students’ meeting where he was supposedly a guest speaker. First, they dated for about six months until she was dumped by John for being two belligerent.

They remained close friends and subsequently dated on and off and after pleas from Sally to iron out their differences, the pair tied the knot at a December 2002 wedding. Despite being known for her peculiar lifestyle which has caused her marriage to John Bercow to undergo stringent public scrutiny, they have produced three children together, the eldest of them being autistic, after 9 years of marriage.

Bercow out of order

Sources say she has been labeled an aphrodisiac after photos of her surfaced, photographed in nothing but a white bed sheet in a hotel room opposite the House of Parliament.  Undoubtedly bashed by many, Sally Bercow is seen by a portion of the public as a mockery to her husband and at the same time downgrading the dignity of the house, but the frequent Twitter user has been applauded by others including Linda McDougall, wife of Austin Mitchell MP for her independence and free spiritedness.

Sally Bercow exercised her independence when she signed with the hit reality show ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, even though her husband didn’t approve of it. She managed to be evicted after only a week, but not before raising £100 000 for her autism charity. The 41-year old Bercow also bragged that she would love to do more reality TV-perhaps ‘I am a celebrity….Get me out of here!’

Not the typical political wife, Mrs. Bercow sees herself as an MP in the near future for the Labour Party. In keeping with her ambitions she is participating in numerous interviews in an effort to reveal her dark past to the public. This way the media won’t be able to use her past as a weapon of mass destruction against her in future campaigns.  In an interview with the Daily Star Sunday, she reported that majority of our politicians are like plastic and are yet to experience real life.

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