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Saqqara Ancient Egypt Pyramids Unas Zosar Djoser

Saqqara Ancient Egypt Pyramids Unas Zosar Djoser

Saqqara Egypt

Sitting high on the Egyptian plain is one of Egypt’s earliest pyramids, the pyramid of Djoser (Zoser) of the 3rd Dynasty. The earliest known Egyptian Pyramids were Step Pyramids built by the architect Imhotep. This feat was accomplished by building a series of six smaller mastabas on top of each other.

Approaching the site, I began to feel like I was entering a portal in time, nothing seemed real! Stepping out of our bus, I had re-entered Ancient Egypt. Quickly approaching the pyramid,I had the strangest feeling I had been here before!
Everything seemed familiar and unreal at the same time.

This was at a time when my spiritual searching had just begun, every experience was a new experience. The whether was extremely cold by Egypt standards, it was the last of December, winter in the desert. A sharp wind cut through my light jacket as I approached the back side of the edifice.Then chills ran up my back , however it wasn’t from The Weather!

It was then I noticed the small cavity in the pyramid, it contained the mummified head of Zosar. It was really eerie.
Walking back towards the bus I entered the pyramid of Unas, another Egyptian Pharaoh.

Unas a Pharoah of the 5th Dynasty, built a small pyramid at Saqqara, originally named “Beautiful are the places of Unas”, close to the Step Pyramid of Djoser. Entering inside I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful it was. Decorated in Egyptian motif, the ceiling, which represented the sky, was baby blue with stars and constellations placed in their proper position. Again a feeling of not quite being totally in the physical body returned. I would find out more of this sensation when I visited Sedona a couple of years later.

It was then, when I returned to the tour bus, that I discovered my camera had malfunctioned, no photos had been taken. I would also discover later in Sedona that it would be impossible for me to photograph anything with an electronic camera. All of my photos would need to be recorded on a manual camera,one with no electronic functions whatever.
Much later I discovered the reason, at these sacred sites, energy was transmitted from my third eye area. By holding a camera up to my eye, the energy was transferred from my third eye to the camera, thus making them inoperable. I actually had to have some of the circuits replaced! After finding this out, I sold the camera, for $25,(it cost more to fix than the camera was worth.) I began using manual cameras only.