Sausage has to be one of the tastiest foods on the earth.  There are so many different kinds and so many ways to cook them.

Pork is certainly one of the favorite sausages and brings to mind the traditional country breakfast of sausage, eggs and biscuits.  This is served very often in the southern part of the U. S.  A casserole of these ingredients has become quite popular and is served in many homes as brunch.  The recipe is quite simple and the outcome is quite delicious.

1 tube sausage

1 cups grits, cooked

6 eggs, beaten with 1/2 cup milk

1 cup cheddar cheese, grated


salt and pepper

Fry sausage in frying pan and drain. Crumble. Place sausage in bottom of casserole. cover with grits and eggs.  Last place cheese over casserole and bake approx. thirty minutes or until bubbly.  

Serve with biscuits and the fruit or fruit juice of your choice.  Of course, along with the coffee and Mimosas.

Link sausage, beef or pork, is tasty and in cajun country in the south, Andouille is used often.  Red beans and rice are a monthly must have. These are made with red beans, spices and the sausage on the side or cut in bite sizes and served in with the beans.

In making the beans, they are soaked overnight and spices of your choice are used when cooking them.

1 bag red beans




garlic cloves chopped

onions chopped

bay leaves, crumbled

salt and pepper

Tony Cachere’s cajun spices

In my lifetime, there has never been an overdose of spices in red beans.  Use as many as you like – the more the merrier.  Let the beans cook for a good two hours or however long you like.

Make rice as you would normally.

Some fry the Andouille and some boil it.  That would be entirely up to you.  Some even add some syrup to the frying sausage and this gives it a unique taste.

This recipe is one taught to me by my neice, is nutritious and simply delicious.

1 can black eye peas with jalapenos

1 tube sausage

1 cup rice

1 can chicken broth

In a frying pan, fry the sausage and crumble it.  Layer it in the bottom of a casserole.  Put in the rice and pour over the black eye peas and broth.  Add a little water if needed to cover. Bake until rice is done.  Serve with cornbread. 

You will enjoy at least one of these.