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Scariest Roller Coasters

Scariest Roller Coasters

Now that spring is approaching you may be in search of some thrills. What better thrill than a roller coaster? Which roller coasters are the scariest here in the United States? Here are just a few:


Located at Buffalo Bills Casino in the heart of the Nevada desert, you will plunge 225 feet at an estimated 55 mph. while the ride is quick, lasting a mere 2:45 seconds it is still a fun and scary ride.  There are over 1700 riders per hour on this ride. Perhaps the best thing about this ride is that the park is open all year round, so you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy this coaster.


This roller coaster is located in Jackson, NJ at Six Flags Great Adventure. Perhaps the scariest thing about this roller coaster is that cars don’t have sides.  You will certainly feel the breeze as you plummet 23 stories at upwards of 80 miles per hour.


Located at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, you will go side wards at a high rate of speed through dark tunnels. Though it may be only 235 feet tall is sure to keep you on toes.


In Arlington, Texas you will find the Titan Roller coaster.  Opened in 2001 at Six Flags you will surely have a good time and just might be scared.  The ride lasts three and half minutes and boasts 1600 riders per hour.  The titan sits at an impressive 245 feet. With speeds of 85 mph you will be heading through a dark tunnel.

Millennium Force

You have to travel to Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio to find this very popular coaster. You will be dropped 300 feet at 95 miles per hour. This is a ride will last about 2 minutes.


Located in Six Flags this is a coaster that will shoot you upwards. You just might feel like Superman. You will in fact be going up 425 feet and 100 mph.  On the way down, if only for a few seconds you will feel weightless.

Top Thrill Dragster

It may in fact be one of the shorter coasters at Cedar Point, in Ohio but in fact this ride is certainly not short on thrills. While it takes a mere 30 seconds riders will drop 400 feet at over 120 miles per hour. Cedar Point has many coasters to choose from but this might be the scariest.