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Scottish Castles For Tourists

Scottish Castles For Tourists

Scottish castles dot the Highland and Lowland of the country. Tourists visit these building to see where once powerful royal families and clans once lived. Other castles are famous for the media exposure they’ve received. These castles sit on palatial properties covered with woodlands, lochs and mountains. Some castles offer day tour while others open their doors and provide overnight accommodations.

Ardverikie Estate

Ardverikie Estate is located in the Scottish Highlands. The castle plays a prominent role in the BBC drama, “Monarch of the Glen,” as Glenbogle Castle. The popularity of the series increased tourist interest in the home of the fictitious MacDonald clan. Build in 1870, the castle overlooks King Fergus’s Island, and the property includes lochs, woods and mountains. Animals, both wild and stabled, roam the property. Fans of the show converge on the castle, and people rent the home for weddings.

Borthwick Castle

Built in 1430, the twin towers of Borthwick Castle were constructed as a fortress to protect the area from invaders. The castle hosted many distinguished nobles, including Mary Queen of Scots. The property has rolling hills where guests can take walking tour or visit historic spots. Golf courses and other attractions are within 15 minutes of the estate. Guests who stay in one of the castle’s bedchambers get a combination of medieval furnishings and modern conveniences.

Linlithgow Palace

The roofless remains of Linlithgow Palace stand as a remnant of the royal family’s manor of the 1100s. The estate also had St. Michael’s Parish Church on the side of the property. In 1301, King Edward I enclosed the manor with fortifications and converted the church into a storehouse. Though the castle no longer has a roof, guests still can see area that served as interior rooms: the interior corridor, the Great Hall, the North Range interior, the West Range and the North Range. The fountain and the courtyard attract tourist.

Myres Castle

Myres Castle in Fife, Scotland is a five-star location for weddings, parties and special occasions. The castle sits on a 44-acre estate, only 45 minutes from Edinburgh. Guests can rent the entire nine-bedroom estate and experience what it may feel like to be treated like royalty during the duration of their vacation. The estate allows wildlife hunting and fishing and more than 100 golf courses are an hour’s drive away from the castle.

Thirlestane Castle

Thirlestane Castle, constructed on the 13th century, is on the Scottish Borders at Lauder. In 1590, the Maitland family rebuilt the castle as their family home. Over the centuries, the castle underwent several reconstructions. The property overlooks Lammermuir Hills and Leader Water and features a small rose garden, wooded walkways, and several bird species. In 1982, the Border Country Life Trust created a museum in the south wing of Thirlestane Castle. The museum features ruins, antiques and historic implements.

These are just a few of the top Scottish castles for tourists. They represent a time when castles distinguished your family line and demonstrated your separation from the common people. The owners have opened their doors and allowed tourist to see what once stood as grand monuments of wealth and prominence in Scotland.