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Seafood Pizza

Seafood Pizza

This Summer Tuna Pizza is for all of the fish lovers out there. Another recipe that is a self invention of mine; as I too am a fish lover who likes the benefits of something that is quick, healthy, easy to make, and satisfying. For all of us who observed Lent, I apologize because I should have shared this at that time. But as they saying goes, better late than never. This is a very good dish for a lunch or light dinner in the summer months, or for an evening snack or munchies while viewing a new or favorite movie. Lastly, it’s easy on the pocket in these economic times.

I am sure that everyone has their own way or favorite recipe for tuna fish; however, for the sake of this recipe I will itemize and assemble the tuna the way I do at my home. Feel free to use your own recipe of course, if that’s what suits you. This will make two Summer Tuna Pizzas’.

2- 6 oz. cans (or 1 large can) Albacore Tuna in water

2-large hard boiled eggs-chopped or diced into small pieces

cup-Hellmann’s Mayonnaise or Kraft Miracle Whip (at this point I would like to mention that, once again this is about preferences, whether you like sweet or non sweet tastes in your tuna. For this recipe I prefer and recommend Hellmann’s Mayo).

2/3 cup sweet onion chopped small

Large pinch of dill weed

Drain tuna in a bowl combine all ingredients except the dill; mix well and set aside. For the next step you will need:

2-small flour tortillas

3 Tbsp. Canola oil

1 pkg. shredded cheese, such as Mexican blend, 4-Cheese blend, or combine 1/3 cup mozzarella with 1/3 cup mild cheddar or mozzarella and Colby Jack, or just Colby Jack.

1-medium green bell pepper, seeded, top removed, and sliced very thin.

1-medium sweet red or yellow pepper (preferably red), seeded, top removed, and sliced very thin.

In a large skillet, pour in oil and heat until hot but not starting to smoke, and put in one flour tortilla. Fry both sides of tortilla until brown and crispy. Break or flatten any bubbles on the surface if this happens. Remove tortilla and drain on paper towel.

Take a large kitchen spoon and scoop a heaping spoon full of tuna onto the tortilla, and spread tuna flatly to within about an eight of an inch to the edge of the tortilla, all the way around. Use more tuna if needed, but make sure the amount that is spread is even and level. Sprinkle a small pinch of the dill weed onto the top of the tuna. Take the green and red bell pepper, and place on top of the tuna in a pattern that resembles the spokes on a bicycle tire, alternating green then red and so forth. You want to space these about inch apart, and not on top of each other. Take the cheese and sprinkle liberally over the top, but not too much as to completely cover the peppers. You want to be able to see the peppers a bit under the cheese. Place entire pizza onto a microwave safe plate, and microwave on high for 3-4 minutes, or until cheese has melted all over. Remove from microwave and slice tuna pizza in pizza style with a pizza cutter, or knife and enjoy. Bon Appetite!

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